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Discussion in 'RAC' started by Lurch, Jul 26, 2004.

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  1. I heard that another Regiment will re-role to light armoured recce shortly.

    Presumably the Regiment re-roling will need Scimitar or Sabre CVR(T)s.

    For some reason the MoD CFE page doesn't list Sabre or Scimitar:

    However, Witham Specialist Vehicles have a batch of 15 Sabres for sale.

    Do we have sufficient Scimitar or Sabre in stock to allow this Regiment to re-role and still let vehicles go?
  2. All the re-roled inf vehicles, Sabre and Scimitar, and have some WIMKs, man power from the fourth (now) defunct sqn , Hey presto!!!!! more recce. RECON the way ahead.
  3. we also have the very old petrol fleet in holding which can be dieselised and upgraded, possibly. but of course fres will be here very shortly of course
  4. Back when I was working for EDS in Antwerp (must have been 2000 or 2001 latest) there was a train at the docks loaded with kit including (as well as a Warrior and a Chieftain AVLB) a few CVR(T)s. These were Spartans - on the side they had chalked either "For Oman" or "Not for Oman, for dieselization".
  5. Nice one, Q. Fres in a decade if we're lucky and a diminishing amount of everything else in the meantime. Deep joy. :cry:
  6. the local Yeomanry unit has acquired a sabre for gate guard. And at war and peace show there was a batch of AFV's on sale including a sabre a 432 and a CET
  7. that wouldn't be "the horse" would it nurse?
  8. nope another sqn same unit.

    Have moved to mainland to work.
  9. good luck, hope it goes well.
  10. There will be enough CVR(T)s once WFM kicks in.
  11. hate to say

    sabre was the fox turret on the scorpion chasis and had a chain gun instead of gpmg

    stormer would have been a possible good thing for a basis of fres which for all your sons and daughters when they join is Futurer Rapid Effects System which basically means we dont f!!"£" know but undoubtedly the futurer will know..........should that be captain sir sir sir
  12. From the Telegraph and commented on in another thread in a different context:

    "(the army's) new medium armoured units will have no armoured vehicles of their own and will have to share them with existing reconnaissance units.

    A senior infantry officer has complained that the new armoured vehicles programme known as the Future Rapid Effects System has turned into "a debacle".

    I was wondering where all the CVRTs were going to come from. Mike Jackson made a big deal of the fact in his latest evidence to the Defence Select Committee that it didnt matter that FRES didnt exist yet as the new 'medium' units would be equipped with existing recce vehicles. Guess he must have meant all those clapped out LR110's they keep on taking off our TA unit. :roll:
  13. just to let you know 2rtr have one sqn that is undergoing conversion to scimiters at the moment (ima) they was also saying its because the cav/hcav cant do it correctly
  14. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    Isn't that Libelous

    Mind you they can't do NBC as well as the RTR!
  15. yeah right

    Any regiment whos soldiers can convert from a cavaly black to a cvr/t gets my vote