CVR (T) or (W) Which was the Best and Why?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Blind_Pew, Jan 11, 2006.

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  1. Ok Troops we have done the MBT to death so now i want to know which CVR was the best be it (Track) or (Wheel)?
    I spent 4 years on Fox and still think that it was a stonking wagon, treat her with respect and she was GREAT FUN!

    30mm,Jag 4.2 Fun.Fun.Fun.....
  2. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Scorpion, bring it back.

    The new version is out there and would work in this Interim medium Armour nonsense that is being bandied around.

    CVR(T) Scimitar as a medium capability, my ARRSE.
  3. Been in action twice on a Scimitar , seen a wagon from my troop blown up at Dogwood last year the boys had cuts and a sprained ankle . Top bit of kit . You can all the ''gucci'' kit you want but a good runner of a scimitar and a decent crew wins hands down .
  4. Scimitar for me! I didn't work on Scorpion too long before they withdrew it from service so didn't do much with the 76mm. Enjoyed converting to 30mm even though it has the most confusing and drawn out component names in the world - "rack catch plunger release catch cam" anyone?
  5. Ahhh........happy days! Allegedly the longest part name in the British Army 8O
    .........but I worked mainly on Scorp, so I have a lastig love/hate relationship for the beast: no sooner do you list a list of krap things - then up pops a list of (fairly) good things..........a good gun to work with, as long as you had you had a good gunner: the ammo was blah!...........firing HESH at Castlemartin in a strong L to R wind and first lay had to be at least 50m outside the extreme left of arc..........feckin' wind BLEW the bleddy thing back in :D
    But it was a child of its times........the engine was pants, no power traverse but it was fast, agile, low profile and ideally suited to pairs work......I loved it! :lol:
  6. That's not very long... :) how about screw retaining intermediate firing needle withdrawl lever? the smallest part of a cent 105 breech block!! 8O
  7. feck me that's a long one (as the nun said to the bishop)...
  8. Loved CVR(T) especially 76. As previously stated a good gunner was key. MBT gunners did not often make the switch to 76 without some heartache.
    I never crewed CVR(W) but was always impressed with it's mobility on training areas, (SLTA/SPTA) it could and would leave Scorp/Scim standing.
    Real cross country (443) minimised the advantage. Its performance as a gun platform was superb. Traverse and elevation gearboxes very good with little or no play/backlash in traverse unlike Scimitar.

    All CVR as previously stated Fun Fun fun :lol:
  9. I know what you mean. I was a Chieftan gunner before going into Recce and it was like going back 20 years - no IFCS,Rangefinder,power traverse/elevation or decent nightvision but it was still more fun to work on.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I was a rarden Gunner in fox back when Airportable Inf Bns had them for recce plns. Better than walking perhaps, good pose value till it broke down. I suspect we never got the best REME being inf and MT wouldnt even train us to drive it so we were knackered in the field OP role. Pose value when awaiting the wrecker (happened far too often) 0,. Luckily my 00GM94 ran like a dream. Ex RTR lad as driver me as gunner and commander when someone could be bothered. Good gun but no room for a real gat on board, poxy small metal gun in the turret! A bit weird firing at Warcop when chieftan next door lets fly.
  11. 105 AVRE you beat me to it and what a tiny part it was!!
  12. Rack catch plunger realease catch cam has had a name change to ''Cam plate '' something to do
    with the playstation generation .
  13. 1st place Scorpion,
    2nd place Scorpion,
    3rd place Scorpion.

  14. 1 RTR handed over to 13/18H in Herford in Nov 1982 and the "Milkmen" were thrilled to bits to be going onto CVR/T after 2 years on Fox. I suppose that says it all. I commanded both Scorpion & Scimitar and without doubt feel that Scorpion "in a gunnery sense" was a hundred times more fun. B Sqn 1 RTR were the first unit in the entire army to be equipped with Fox (Tidworth 1975) and only received it because the Nigerian army were interested in buying it but only if it was in service in the British Army. Although it was eventually issued to the infantry and TA as well as some Recce Regt's the fact is that it only entered service with the British army to ensure "export" orders were forthcoming. It was in real terms "not up to the job" and unsatisfactory.
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Not forgetting the run around anthill mob like when you traverse the turret! Ah Fox, sloping armour but not at the rcorrect angle and ally armour not at the correct thickness!