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Discussion in 'RAC' started by Rackcatchplunger, Oct 11, 2006.

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  1. Having been out some 16 years now, my AFV recognition is a bit out of date so the that's my reason for the following question:

    A walt up here in Cheshire has just bought himself a "SABRE" CVR(T), can anybody tell me where the SABRE came from and when and why did it come into service? (Who uses it?)

    having served on SCIMITAR and SCORPION, I am a bit mystified where this one come from.
  2. The hull of a Scorpion and the turret of a fox or ferret I believe. I'm sure that some spotter will come up with the exact answer.
  3. Your just about right, Its a Scorp with a Fox (30mm RARDEN) turret transplaneted onto to it. looks very Scimitar like at a glance, although your cramped Scorp turret has now been replaced by the even more cramped Fox one!

    It came into to service to find a use for the excess Scorp hulls and the semi usefull turret off the dangerous chassis of the Fox. Coax GPMG replaced by a Chain Gun - on health and safety grounds, obvisouly people are more concerned about the fumes than the 7.62mm's coming out of the pointy end. Used in exactly the same role as Scimitar by pretty much the same people oh aye and the STAB's. :wink:

    Green Jackets using Sabre's in Banja Luka (VERY Scimitar like!)
  4. Thanks for that Hoochie. Now elightened and educated!
  5. I thought only Infantry Recce used them in Armoured and Mechanised Battalions?
  6. Actually, I thought that the Sabres were out of service now, leaving the uprated Scimitars.

  7. I think you may have a point, there seems to be an auful lot of them in private hands all of a sudden!
  8. [align=center]sellin them off on the sly to raise funding... because were not gettin allocated enough by tha gov.[/align]
  9. Even the TA don't use Sabre any more. Only one we've got is on a plinth outside the TAC.

    As for civvy owned ones: There used to be an online message board for the things, however the users were so sad that they forgot to breed and have now died out. This is a shame because their thread on correct fittings had some great mis-direction, suggesting that the crew had access to home comforts such as a microwave etc..
  10. He bought it for 14k, and his missus didnt like sticking her head out of the turret, women huh, he said he had bought her a convertible
  11. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I read this in the paper
    Even though it is in private hands do you not need to be at least a qualified driver to adopt the commanders position in the turret?
    You are after all an aid to the driver are you not?

    QOY had sabres but got rid for diesel Scimmiters 2 years ago
    Although I don't think that they got the same amount of vehicles back though
  12. unless he has driven them before i wonder wher he got his group H licence.
  13. When doing my D&M course, I was told by my instructor that civvys don't need cat. H to drive one on the road. Not sure if this is true but if so, it's crazy.

    Also, The Boy Syrup is quite correct to say that after 'dieselisation', QOY received far fewer Scimitars than it had Sabres. Ah, the joys of Whole Fleet Management.

  14. so what are you saying you can drive them on a car licence total bollocks
    the army woudnt give you group H if you didnt need it
  15. I simply repeated what I was told at the time of my track licence training. Im not a D & M instructor or expert on motoring law.

    As for stuff I didn't need, the army's definitely given me plenty of that over the years.