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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by crammo, Feb 25, 2010.

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  1. I'm looking at transferring to the CVHQ RMP and have a few questions regarding my eligibility. Before anyone says give them a call I already have and no-one answers the phone or gets back to answer phone messages (this is using the number from the website).

    I'm a TA Infantry Corporal who has 10+ years experience l. I've done the usual Rifle Company courses to get my rank i.e CIC, PJNCO, Junior Brecon etc etc along with some Assault Pioneer courses thrown in to just mix it up a bit. I've also deployed on operations to hot, sandy places.

    For a Civvie job I am an Officer in a Law Enforcement Agency that works in tandem with the Police and am Arrest Trained, PACE Compliant for Interviewing and regularly bring forward prosecutions and run my own investigations.

    I'm possibly looking at a transfer to the CVHQ RMP for a couple of reasons.

    1) Whilst I have enjoyed being an Infanteer its starting to loose its attraction in my eyes and am now looking at something new to sink my teeth into.

    2) My job means that I am unable to make the commitment that my unit demands in the current operational climate and therefore I'm looking at a Specialist Unit with the attached lower commitment requirement.

    I have a few questions:

    1) Am I eligible or is it only Senior NCO's that can transfer across to the CVHQ?

    2) How interesting and challenging is SIB work in the real world?

    3) What are the operational opportunities like?

    4) Does anyone have more reliable contact details that they can share with me. For obvious reasons I don't wish to make enquiries through my own formal chain of command until I have made a firm decision regarding my future.

    Feel free to PM myself if you don't want your answers to be displayed in the public domain.

    Many thanks

  2. Well.....

    1) All junior ranks are eligible, however depends what you want to do really? If you transfer over to SIB you will have to be promoted to Sgt on entry. Which wont be a problem in itself providing you have appropiate civ pol or previous SIB qualifications.

    2) SIB work is SIB work, as above its the same as CID in civi police or reg SIB really.

    3) You are administered by CVHQ but fall under SIB UK for deployments etc. You will have to check with the PSI for full info on that.

    4) What numbers have you called so far to get in contact with them?

    If you don't have reg SIB or civ pol CID experience then you can not go into SIB (although there are very few exceptions).

    All I would say is that I would think very carefully before transfering units before the defence review, post election in may, you may end up moving into a unit that is going to be closed down, unless you know something we don't.

  3. Securit,

    Thanks for your reply

    The number I've been trying without any success is 01962 887373 (its in the public domain from the army website) at Worthy Down.