Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ACRV-M1974-2A, Mar 8, 2005.

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  1. Anybody out there with experience of CVHQ RA care to give me the view from the shop floor?
  2. youre so desperate for info that you posted it twice! :roll:
  3. Tell me what you want to know via pm. In essence CVHQ RA is made up of some specialist Gunner pools and the All Arms Watchkeepers Pool.

    The Watchkeepers Pool is made up of officers from all arms who are committed to 19 days per annum working in HQ's from Bde to ARRC. Currently at 175 strong (always vacancies for good Chaps) the pool recruits both Ex Regular officers and TA officers who have reached the end of their time in their Bn's. We work as watchkeepers and the job is very much what you make of it, some become trusted members of HQ teams, and some are asked to make the tea.

    If you've come to the end of your high intensity active time in either the Regs or Vols, the Pool lets you contribute at a lower, but still much needed level. Be prepared to trade off what can be sometimes quite boring work, for still being part of the green world. The Pool itself has a wide range of officers and a good atmosphere, and of course we get to go out to the Field Army where there are still lots of people that are good to know.
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  4. The Watchkeepers and Liaison Officers Pool is for Captains (SO3), Majors (SO2) & Lt Colonels (SO1). There are those who have joined the Pool as Capts and have gone on to become Lt Cols. The SO1s tend to be LOs for Bde and upwards. They also have the joy of writing the CRs for the other CVHQ RA watchkeepers in their formation.

    Whilst I, personally, am in the "do I want to still do this" mind frame, I would say I have thoroughly enjoyed my time and heartily recommend the Pool to TA and ex-Regs alike.
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  5. if you are thinking of joining then you must have some kind of special skill. I was a Det Commander Arty Int. They treat you with respect pay you on time, especially other ranks, my advice join.
  6. Feck me - nine years really must be a record for a thread resurrection!
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  7. Mad morgan is giving references to the secret nature of advising on the soviets arty tactics on another thread. I think he has problems moving on. From 1989. But bizarrely wants everyone to know.
  8. I have just left them, sadly good riddance. I leave the army with almost hatred due to their miss management. The admin team could be a lot lot better.
  9. mso

    mso LE

    Their RCMO wants to be taken outside and put down.
  10. @jon505, I'm just about to go there; any chance that you could drop me a PM and explain further please?
  11. @mso, what happened?
  12. mso

    mso LE

    Friend of mine is trying to transfer in and their RCMO couldn't give a f**k.

    It's as if they have so many applicants they are no longer interested.
  13. That's news to me, they've got ****loads of unfilled PIDs!
  14. mso

    mso LE

    Best you tell them to grip their RCMO...
  15. I've had some pre-posting dealings with him and he has been fine with me, but as with all of these things, I might well be the exception to the rule...