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CVF and Carrier Strike thread


Isn't that what 'working up' and sea trials are for anyway, finding snags and problems to fix before the tub goes off on a jolly?
No. Despite being mind-bogglingly complex with millions of parts, and inherently impractical to prototype all warships must work perfectly out of the box first time otherwise the entire project is a costly failure using money that would be better spent on a fleet of 2,000 P2000s to protect the UK from an immigrant invasion.

Unless an actual war happens of course, in which case "our lads" are the best of the best and the tabloids have always supported the military unwaveringly.
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Published by: Daily Aviation, on 27 OCTOBER 2020.

US Testing its Brand New $1 Billion Advanced Aircraft: X-47B Drone

Published by: US Military NEWS.

The F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet, which is now manufactured by Boeing following its merger with McDonnell Douglas in 1997, is produced as two distinct versions. The single-seat F/A-18/E and the dual-seat F/A-18/F.

The new Block III aircraft is a more modest proposition that is designed to support the rest of the air wing including the Lockheed Martin F-35C Joint Strike Fighter, Northrop Grumman E-2D Advanced Hawkeye and the EA-18G Growler under the service Naval Integrated Fire Control Counter Air construct.

Posted on the "cvf and carrer strike thread", the F-35 thread, and the "All Inter-Web Video" thread.


Back on the topic of RN carriers:

Here is a link to a short article (PDF) about the role of escort carriers and their aircraft during the Arctic Convoys.

Typically they would carry fighters for air defence, protecting the convoy or other force beyond the range of the ships' guns, and Swordfish for an anti U boat role, working with long range aircraft and frigates and destroyers with ASDIC and weapons like Hedgehog or Squid. In the Atlantic the air threat was not from Stukas and the like, but from long range aircraft that could attack shipping and doing reece for the U boats. The escort carrier was indispensable in protecting both Atlantic and Arctic Convoys. Did they get enough publicity post war?

The need to protect shipping and naval forces with organic fighters and multiple ASW helicopters saved RN carrier aviation, and led to the Invincible with Sea Kings for ASW and Sea Harriers for dealing with Soviet Naval Aviation aircraft such as Bears. The larger US carriers could perform the same roles.

Why can people not accept our carriers will be able to provide defence for crisis response shipping or amphibious forces, with F-35B Lightning and Merlin HM2? In any operation with a major need for AAW or ASW capabilities, then you need a carrier.

When is NATO doing another Exercise Deep Blue? This time we can provide not only the flagship, ASW helicopters, frigates, and an SSN, but we will be able to intercept simulated hostile aircraft.
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The GIUK gap. I have always pointed out that the North Atlantic and Carrier Strike roles overlap.
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That's some high quality pointing at a map right there!

Needs a bigger badge though.

5/10 Could do better.
The French Navy has just certified 12 new Rafale M pilots to operate from the CdG.

For those pilots, this is the end of a 5 year-long process including 2 in the USA.


And the purchase of 3 E-2Ds for the Aéronavale has been approved


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