CV12 Fan Drive Failures

Discussion in 'REME' started by Alpha-Mech, Jan 24, 2007.

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  1. I'm currently undergoing spine removal and our group are basing our main project around the above!!! If anyone out there has any quality pics of impressive propshaft failures and the resulting damage then they'd be much appreciated. More appreciated than the ensuing abuse I'm likely to receive from the "we hate tiffies" gang but hey-ho...that's the risk you take. So bring it on but the offer of a pic or two in amongst all the abuse will make it worthwhile. Cheers
  2. As a future bleeder of men, have you not thought of contacting SEFIT? :yawnstretch:
  3. Indeed we have but there's no harm in asking on here as well. You never can tell what people may have on their hard drives can you?
  4. I can hazard a guess as to what's on your hard drive!!!!!

    dirk diggler
  5. i thought the general concensous on these failures was that it was a lack of greasing during servicing?

    the result being the prop decided to let go and bashed the feck out of the gearbox casing and trashed the ACTOC pipes etc etc.....

    seen a couple but unfortunately have no pics, would TSS IPT not have any along with EFR's?
  6. Guys...we've a whole list of departments and agencies to contact. This thread is merely to find out if any of the blokes on the ground happened to take a pic or two and are willing to forward a copy.

    That is what happens armysurplusspecial - if the prop doesn't get picked up on inspection first. And yes it is primarily down to lack of grease but the joint at the pto end is inaccesible at the best of times - nevermind when the pack is hot. It's time to stop bleating on about enforcing the servicing and accept that the design needs to be changed. Besides, there are also other issues with it!!
  7. Agree with what u say A-M. The design is pants, and yes, it is difficult hanging upside down laid over the ACTOC trying to grease the fcuker.

    Shame there isnt the room in a CRARRV/MBT to go down the Trojan/Titan route and have the cooling fans stay in the hull when the pack is removed. Dont they use a hydraulic pump to power the fans??
  8. all failures clearly caused by lazy cnuts not greasing the prop. however it is a bitch to get to.
  9. why oh why, if this is the way the design as got to be kept like this has nobody gone the torque tube like on unimog approach, cheap enough to design and retro fit to the fleet as all it is is a pipe with a drive shaft inside, any one want to put a gems in as i couldnt care less as i have about as much trust in that system as blairs goverment.