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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by manutdftw, May 11, 2007.

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  1. Hi after doing not much exercise for 4 years odd walk to shop and stuff smoking alot and drinking most days ive gone from not being able to run 100 meters 2-3 weeks ago to doing my 1.5 mile in 11.59sec i know it isnt fast but im pleased with my improvment lol.......Anyway my question is how much will CV work help with my runtime i cant run everyday i dont wana get shin splints so what CV things should i use in the Gym?
  2. Well done on that

    How did you manage to do it
  3. swimmin, cycling, cross trainer, they are all helpful but in my opinion you cant really beat road running.
  4. the last week ive only eaten pasta, rice, potatoes, fish meat, beans, veg and fruit and drank fruit juices water and alittle milk. at my gym my workout at moment is 10 mins on bike 5 min walking on treadmill followed by 2 mins running till 5k is done at 6km walking pace 8km running, which i slowly raised to 4 min walk 3 min run 9kn run speed, then 2000 meters on rowing machine. Also i walk afew miles some nights

    have never used cross trainer whats it d
  5. Also can someone tell me what i should east after a workout