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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Machristo, May 21, 2007.

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  1. I've just finished editting my CV and have added a new reference. Who just happens to be the local reverend. Now I'm not the most religious of people and only know him as one of the guys from my rugby club. I've occassionally popped by the rectory for a brew on my way through the parish. My question is: is it morally reprehensible for me to tout him as a reverend on my CV in a character reference capacity even though I'm not linked to him in a religious capacity? Or is it just another means to a target and perfectly acceptable manipulation of resources? Opinions please.

    Afternote: Please exempt my signature from your considerations on this matter. The presence of biblical extracts is not an indication of my beliefs.
  2. Dont worry, been a civvie 8 years and hired/fired and read many CV. You very rarely check up on references anyway, usually only if you are unsure of the guy/girl you have interviewed and not sure wether to bin them.

    You dont have time to check, also bear in mind that it virtually impossible to check anyone who is ex military.
  3. I'm assuming he knows that you are touting him as a reference, and has assented?

    Generally why should you not use him? You are not saying that you are a top christian or anything, just that you are an all round good egg. The reverend is an upstanding member of the community. His "reverend" badge displays that in the same way that using a local doctor or magistrate would. That is to say his vocational/professional credentials/qualification merely serve to establish his bona fides and authority to pass comment on you.

    What he says is then given whatever weight the reader wishes to credit the reverend with.
  4. Sorry, should have been clearer on that point. I'm not ex-military (or serving). I'm only on ARRSE because it's a great forum and a handy means of staying in touch with good mates that are serving.

    He does indeed know and consent to me using him as a reference.

    Thanks for the prompt responses.

    Schweik, as many on ARRSE will tell you, I'm not the conventional 'good egg', and frankly can use all the help I can get to change the general conception of me. I am trying hard to be a nice bloke now though.
  5. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    References are rarely followed up on as has been said because of time. Put in a couple of good mates that you have worked with and brief them on what to say if called. Job done.
  6. You are wasting ink putting referees on your CV - and wasting the time of the reader.

    if they want references they wiull ask for them - after you have been seklected for the job.
  7. Good point. Do not include your references on your CV. Those two pages are very valuable. Just write that they are available on request.

    Save the space for your evidence.
  8. Good advice has been given

    I have interviewed many people since I left - the interview is the most important part - if you are good - you will get the job

    It is amazing the amount of interviews I do and it comes down to a single question

    Can I work with and TRUST this person
  9. As a guide refferences are not needed on the CV, it is there to cast shadows and if it gets you the interview it has worked. References go on the application form and add they are to be contacted only when you have been warned they are to be called.
    As to the Vicar if he can vouch for you then put him down, I tend not to get to hung up with whether you are a church goer on not he is a pillar of the establishment!
  10. References do not go on a CV, if your CV gets you through to an interview or past that point they will ask you for references and normally that person's job title is asked for, this is done normally for work references but is also applicable for personal references, its great as my personal reference is a company director so that always goes down well :lol:
  11. I was under the impression I said that!
  12. In my experience it is quite the opposite - both my referees were contacted and both provided a page or two of feedback. All potential employees in my company must have referees. Its always good to have them so the bottom line for me is keep good contact with past employers/ line managers... you never know when you will need them.