Cutting waste? - How the greedy pigs look out for each other.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunnoficarus, Sep 13, 2012.

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  1. Blame the game, not the player...
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  2. Not surprised by these type of stories any more. She does seem to have her fingers in many pies though.
  3. After 20 months, How can they justify that?

  4. Fingers in pies!?!? I think she's far to busy eating them!!!
  5. Katherine Kerswell was at Northamptonshire County Council before joining Kent. She is a former Chief Executive of Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council and Redditch Borough Council. Her career has included working for the London Borough of Merton and Leicester City Council. During her 22 years in Local Government, Katherine has specialised in
    customer focus, quality programmes and leading transformational change.

    Never done any real work, or produced anything of value then - just another polyester suited management weasel in a series of non-jobs and weasel words...


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  6. They should have to publish a list of her acheivements during her time in any public office in order for her to walk away with that money. How can anybody actually justify that? Really?
  7. Dilbert is funny and so true to life.

    I like Dilbert.

    Humour, fidelity and Catbert...

    Oh, and Phil Prince of Insufficent Light (and ruler of Heck).
  8. Happens everywhere. The real Brass-neck Award nominee's are the ones who retire on health grounds to avoid embarrasing disciplinary proceedings or awkward questions by auditors, only then to pop up in another authority a year later on full pay.

    Read Private Eye's 'Rotton Boroughs' passim
  9. Another example Rose Gibbs ex head of Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone Kent NHS, on her watch (2007) at least 90 patients died and 1200 made ill after contracting bugs in her filthy hospitals. She was sacked but the then Health Secretary Alan Johnson vetoed her £250K pay off. She sued the NHS and of course won which in the end cost the taxpayer a cool million.
    Instead of showing any kind of shame she was taken on by a neighbouring health authority (Surrey area) as a consultant!!
    On just as much salary as her job in Kent £150k a year. Her "boyfriend" also worked as a consultant for an Essex based NHS trust. The Unions backed her through out her campaign for justice, for herself bollox to the victims!
    These people have no shame how do they sleep at night?
    Who are the people who employ these failures? why do they never have to justify they're actions?
  10. On a top-of-the-range mattress, in the en-suite master bedroom of their six-bedroomed home.
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  11. I did leave an open goal didn't I? These feckers mostly vote Labour and yet the concept of public service means trousering as much of our dough as possible.
  12. Its all very well paying top dollar for top people.
    But you have to achieve. Uk gov seems to pay top dollar for people at the "top" regardless of results or achievements:(
    Apprantly the minions need to show restraint and understand the there is no money.
    But party on for the bosses.
    If they actually made a recognisable difference i might whinge a bit but would understand you have to pay for achievement but they dont so pass the mosin time for a peoples court.:(
  13. And still the cry goes up that if they're not paid huge sums then they won't take the job.

    Obviously, who would be a Council chief executive with a massive office and expense account and lush secretaries and foreign freebies and receptions and a pension, for a mere £70k per annum? They'd all say '**** that' and take jobs in McDonald's instead, or hotfoot it to America where they seem to imagine there is an insatiable demand for cash-thirsty UK Council chiefs with degrees in non-judgementalism.
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  14. Nurses. Meh.