Cutting troops and regiments.

I've looked at this for a while now and I can't see any good reason but one for vutting the army strength, and particularly for cutting regiments out altogether.

The army is overstretched, and for fcks sake, we have 38% of personnel in Iraq are TA. Apart from, what the fck are the TA doing in Iraq, what the fck can we do if we need more troops? More TA deplyment? More reservists? CCF? Army Cadets? It's a fcking joke.

The reasons given are that the regiments are understrength...well recruit more then. I don't believe for one minute that there is a real problem in recruiting, or if there is it's because the conditions and pay are fcking shyte. Let's face it, who wants to go from Bosnia (shitehole) to Iraq (shitehole) to Afghanistan (another shitehole) for most of the year, every fcking year. So of course they have a recruiting problem. Just wait and see the recruiting problems they have with TA after the blokes get back from Iraq and tell their mates and prospective TA members.

This is about saving money, and restructuring the army in readiness for Europe. Bliar has fcked up in every way and the country is sliding into massive national debt with all the promises and taxes, so there has to be savings where the majority won't notice.

Make the army smaller and destroy the esprit d'corps inherent in these old regiments, and voila, the army and the country grows more reliant on outside forces, like European cnuts.

I say the public should tell Blir to fck off and then hang the cnut. :evil:
Dont follow, are you saying cut the army (bad bad idea) or dont cut the army as we are already doing way too much as it is
1920 said:
Dont follow, are you saying cut the army (bad bad idea) or dont cut the army as we are already doing way too much as it is
I'm saying that cutting the army is a very bad idea and it's a politically motivated move.
Yep Shotgun.

In a nutshell that's what the pollies are doing and the trouble is they believe their own bullshite :evil:
it s the treasury demanding cuts so they can try and balance the books.
Why shouldn't the TA be used for deployments that is what we are ment to be trained for and if we aren't used we will cease to exist. I've heard the arguments about getting rid of us and using the money to make life for the regulars better well a few points. It's been pointed out that TA soldiers also bring their civilian job skills to a deployment i know of TA soldiers who have been in Iraq doing their civilian jobs. And secondly if the ta was disbanded the army would have no presence in large areas of the country. Thirdly any money saved would be taken out of the defence budget by the treasury.
I agree pay,conditions,accomidation etc are all ridiculous plus end to end tours for some units. The army is already to small and not balanced under options for change and front line first it was all about the teeth arms and the support services were slashed now support services are really hanging out because there are to few of them and to many comittments.
The treasury wants a peace dividen from Northern Ireland but the army had been planning that thease troops would solve the overstretch problem by the cutting of a comittment. Until the document is published we won't know precisley what is to be cut but if the BBC and the Telegraph is correct there will be No Irish regiments left in the army.(I wonder who's idea that was)
I would sugest if this govt is still around when we pull out of bosnia there will be more demands for eace dividens. May be they should start saving money by cutting the MOD civil service.
DWP internal publication today carried this......

Local Mayo, Councillor Martin Prestidge (pictured) wasn't looking for a new job when he visited West Bromwich Jobcentre in September, but supporting their Army recruitment day. Also there on the day was Warrent Officer Makand Singh (pictured) with the Army recruitment team for the West Bromwich area. "The Army is one of the biggest employers in the UK, offering 147 different career paths," said Sue Aston, Deputy District Manager for Dudley and Sandwell (pictured). "We are working very closely with the Army to pioneer new ways of exploiting potential opportunities."

...interesting, I suppose the idea of standing in the job centre is a good one given the present climate.....After all with the governments cuts program in operation, that's where so many of those previously recruited will end up......
The problem with using the TA as heavily as they are being used now is that most of them (including me) joined up in the belief that we would be used to defend the UK and interests at home and abroad in time of crisis. Employers supported the TA in the same belief.

However, now we have turned into the Army's peacetime temping service - making up for the Govt's unwillingness to fund the Army properly - a lot of reservists and their employers are rapidly going off the idea.
Hang on Iam seeing a bit of a pattern developing here;

We went to the Gulf 90/91 and did the business - reward Options for change

We went/Still are in the gulf 03/?? did and are still doing the business - reward shafted royally by the next round of regimental executions.

I've got it. It's obvious. The solution to all our woes.
Send the CCF and ACFs to Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq. The enthusiastic little bastards will be over the moon and probably do quite well - loads of contacts and arrests. Ever seen Lord of the Flies? And casualties...well. You know kids - they always bounce back.
Meanwhile the rest of us should get about a year off to catch up with the wife and kids, make sure we're still recognised by our friends and get all weepy and sentimental about how great the army is, already to go and get stuck in again.
The returning ACF/CCF jagerabteilungs, by process of darwinian selection, will be the brightest and best of their generation, ready to become model citizens and lead Britain into the future. Think about it. Would you want a son who didn't check his pouches before moving, or didnt properly clear a room after he's entered it? I wouldn't.
So simple, yet so effective.
Dunno why I didn't think of this before. Then again, I've never drunk 4 bottles of cough syrup in a row before.


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Sorry but the Geneva Convention bans some of the things the cadets would do given half a chance.

Imagine a battalion of 15 years olds out of their sheds after snorting screech packets nicked from the ratpacks. There wouldn't be a living soul South of Lake Van. :lol:

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