Cutting Toe nails

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by eul0gy, Jul 25, 2006.

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  1. on my last thread i was asking about ingrowen toe nails

    and i had my assistant manager tell me today after speaking to him about time off for the op , that in the Army everyone cuts a V in to there big toes, in the middle to cuase the nail to grow back which pulls the nail away from the sides and stopping ingrowen toe nail happening .

    now what i want to know is this true becuase he claims to be in the TA medical corp, but he never really talks about it and always changes the subject when asked about it,

    so is he telling the trooth .?
  2. Yes he is telling the truth, its exactly what my GP advised me to do..and it works :D
  3. Ok bossy boots

    Tell everybody how to do it, i am not having the problem but would help those that have the problem.
  4. TA medic advice! sucks teeth, shakes head

    He'll be showing you his combat knife with blood channels next

    I've never seen a single bloke V their nails, and I can assure you I've seen plenty of bootneck trotters in my time and taken plenty of nails off

    Bossy boots I'm sure you have had plenty of heavy duty field time and are fully qualified to dish advice...........

    If your nails are long enough to cut a v in them they are TOO LONG

    Talk to your friendly local Podiatrist rather than gareth in the office
  5. heh well was reading your post about infection and puss and hurting when you hit , it but i have that just now , my nail is sore all the time , but i have gotten used to it , been over 2 years its taken me to get it sorted out
  6. If you are feeling a lot of pain now then I can pretty much bet thet after the op you will feel total and absolute relief!

    To be honest, i'm still recovering but it has been 5 weeks now and it will be at least 5 more weeks till it's totally healed. It is worth getting done purely because it was causing me problems over 15+ years.

    When do you intend joining up? If it is in the next 3 months then maybe a temporary solution is best? Such as partial avulsion?
  7. i havent gone down and signed up as yet been working on my fitness as i have been a student for the last couple of years and am about 1 1/2 stones over my idea waight . im in no shape to be joining at the momment :( i can do 1.5miles in about 18mins at the momment and do 40 situps in 2mins but i can do f all pressups , even when i was skinny i couldn't do them

    been going to the gym and stuff alot recently .

    on your other thread you talked wearing shoes all day . did you have any problems walking at all was it uncomfortable? as i work in retail at the momment i spend all day on my feet in suit shoes
  8. Gimp..he asked if it was true, i confirmed that yes, it is.
  9. Cutting the V in your toenails does work. I was shown how to do it by a QARANC in the late 80s when I had a really nasty infected toe nail in Cyprus.

    Still do it if I get probs with me tootsies, cheers Jackie.

    It is possible to do a home op........ just push the narrow blade of a pair of sharp scissors down under the nail....... it hurts like hell but it is worth the pain....... then snip the blades together. Next, get a set of long nosed pliers and grasp the stub of severed nail....... one sharp tug will rip out the offending ingrown bit.

    The instant relief you will feel is almost as good as free sex.
  10. So, how long you been in the Army then fatty ?
  11. Was shown how to do this as a teenager. It really is that good!

    However, if it's a persistent problem do as suggested and see a podiatrist. There really is nothing like having professionals input, we could give you 100 solutions, all different and all just as valid.... to our cases!

    Proper foot care is woefully neglected! The solution, so I’m told, is only if the tone nail is NOT an ingrown one in that a proper ingrown toenail is one that becomes infected and the infection is the problem.

    Also cutting a 'V' won't change the growth shape of a nail, this is dictated by the bed of the nail, not the tip. The 'V' will, as above, only give you an instant relief.

    See a podiatrist. Learn foot care!

    Beebs x

    (nope never served, yes wee fatty, nope not intending to go hiking soon, not a foot doctor either, BUT I do own two perfectly good working feet with no signs of ill treatment or nail abuse..... :))