Cutting through the cr@p

The other day I heard some chinless wonder on the radio wafting off some criticism of govt spending using that magic word 'training'. Kills all criticism dead...oh, training, that's all right then. Trouble is, trying to get any meaningful, job-related training that might enhance a person's chances of getting a job seems to be like trying to open a baptist church in Saudi. A mate trying to get a building site licence was first put through a barrage of computer-generated 'literacy' and 'numeracy' tests, wasting several days and costing the taxpayer over 100 quid, the tests themselves being of a level to insult the intelligence of a donkey. Try getting funding for something like an HGV...or for that matter, try going to FE to get some kind of professional qualification..sure you can do it, but you will more or less be forced to drop the course in favour of Restart or some other such nonsense. No wonder there is an extreme skills shortage in this country. Anyone had any other illuminating experience with this govt's wonderful 'training' schemes???
Training is tied up with the obsession with statistics and 'measureables'. If it can't appear on a spreadsheet then it doesn't exist.

That's what happens when 'business ethos' takes over a nation. 'Cost of everything, value of nothing' was never more true in this country.
My old man - an ex-LE officer - went to sign on when he was between jobs a while ago. They told him that he would be put on a key skills course in literacy and numeracy as he left school with no O-Levels. Unsuprisingly, he told them to poke it and lived on his pension until he found something else.
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