Cutting Household Costs

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by BanjoBill, Oct 5, 2012.

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  1. I'm posting this because it probably applies to... if not everyone here... most of you.

    Bin away for a few weeks and come back to usual pile of bills etc, thought right... let's see what can be save.

    Sky package, gas, lecky, mobile phones, AA Breakdown cover etc. By binning SKY - switched to freesat, combining fuel costs, getting better deals on 3 x mobile phones, binning AA Breakdown which I no longer need - saved over £1,300 per year.

    Now that's a fair bit of shandy.
  2. Moneysavingexpert
    22 month deals on credit cards at 0% balance transfers.
    Scottish power fixed rates until 2014.
    Slow cooker uses less than 1p an hour, cooker uses about 30p an hour.
    Do coloured and white washes alternate weeks as washers gobble as much power as ovens.
  3. Get a better paid job?

    Let one of the servants go?
  4. Good savings to be had if you searchfor it.

    Being a jock I’m a bit tight withthe old wallet in general but I use Quidco for any purchase I make,car insurance, sky, Burton, ETC the last 8 months I’ve beenrewarded with 300 quid cash back just for buying things I wouldnormally buy.

    I pay for my bank account I knowthat’s a daft thing to do for some, but I get my phone insurancefree and saved about 900 on flights and holidays and tickets aloneover the past year.
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  5. As Jarrod points out,there are lots of ways to get more bang for your bucks.

    Decide what you can't do without (need),what you have to pay out,come hell ,or high water,and then,as you have done,start trimming.

    Being on a fixed income (pensioner),I also run a simple monthly spreadsheet,with income,and all my outgoings,and just keep an eye on what I spend,we also have a credit card,that sits in a block of ice in the freezer,handy for emergencies,but not so handy for impulse buys,by the time it's thawed out,9 times out of 10,you've gone off the idea of buying whatever it was! ;-)
  6. Don't feed kids ban wife from buying more shoes, handbags dresses she won't wear
  7. Save money on the upkeep of a wife by staying single, having sex with prostitutes and murdering them rather than paying.
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  8. Keep your Waitrose bags but use Sainsburys instead

    Get away from BT phone and Broadband - plusnet & sky are as reliable but cheaper

    Supermarket shop with the whole month in mind. My Mrs drives me mad buying 6 bogrolls for one week when she can get 24 for 2/3 of the price or buying 500g of Flora when 1kg is cheaper per 100g.

    Quidco is great - just checked and we made £467.33 + £150 M&S vouchers since last December on stuff I'd buy anyway
    Work from home - you are paying for Braodband anyway, you'll have no travel & parking costs. It costs a little more in Electric but it's worth it. Now pretty much every time I reverse off the drive the company mileage meter is running.

    Sell your daughter's pony
  9. Get a Costco card meat is better and cheaper. and essentials can be bought cheaply and in bulk.

    Don't let the wife know of any savings or you will be back to square one after the shopping spree she will have in mind
  10. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    Doing your grocery shop online often saves money - you don't impulse buy - it takes a while longer so you tend to put just what you need in the basket - if you do a meal planner before you log on its even better - and even including the delivery charge you'll find your shipping bill goes down.

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  11. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Get rid of the wife - go on four weeks fantastic holiday each year - you'll still come out ahead in the beer token stakes.
  12. Buy a nice wooly jumper, a pair of fishermans gloves and a woolly over the head hat. Wear them indoors during the winter and watch those heating bills fall like a stone.
    Eat: 1 bowl of porridge in the morning with a tin of fruit and 2 pints of milk. With a bit of practice this can be maintained indefinately. Keep a packet of Tescos oatcakes or a handful of All Bran nearby and take one every time you feel hungry.
    Drink lots of water and avoid alcohol.
    Keep the regime up for a year then count the pennys saved.
  13. Try getting a solar panel deal, either you pay (about £6k) and you keep the feed in tariff 25p PKU, or do a free panels for the feed in tariff by a provider. Either way you use less electric. I changed over last March, and according to Eon, I am using 25% less electric, I am also paying £50pm less on my direct debit. However what you need to get is a meter which tells you how much electricity you are using (about £40 from Amazon) at any one time. That way you can plan you usage of electric so you can keep you power use below the input of solar generated electricity (mines 2.40kw).
  14. How well do solar panels work outside the four days sunshine we get in July?

    Obviously there's less daylight in winter so you've got less opportunity to generate electricity with them, but do they work well/adequately in the weak daylight of a British autumn/winter?