Cutting hair

Being a cheapskate bastid, I decided that I'd buy a set of clippers on the cheap. Found an expensive set of Vidal Sassoon palm clippers on Ebay for under a tenner, reconditioned stock. Yaay me... :roll:

These were going to be both for when im at home as well as for on ops/ex (theyre rechargable y'see), hopefully giving a quick squaddie haircut that wouldnt need a mate to help.. you know, the types 'oh sorry mate, the guard slipped off...'

Anyways. Dont bother. As the unofficial ARRSE vidal sassoon hair clipper guineapig, I can only report back theyre a complete pile of Dogtoffee. :x :x :x Theyre easy enough to operate, slip em in yer palm and turn it on, but getting even a basic squaddie no 2 all over was nigh on impossible. Theyre completely useless unless you happen to have been a psychic hairdresser in a previous life :(

So if your missus offers to buy you some clippers for an imminent tour, etc, just do yourself a favour. stick to buying normal clippers.

Want further proof? read the reviews scattered about on here:


Wish I bloody had... :evil:
Seconded, absolutely bollocks. I've been cutting my own hair for years now and let Mrs Tubs persuade me that these things were a good idea.

They're not....

Couldn't even do a basic all over one grade. Never again, and as I've used them, I can't take them back! 40 odd quid down the drain.

Just asked the missus (she does this haircutting malarkey for a living), she says the best is Wahl hair clippers. Don't bother with the fancy dandy others, you are only paying for the name.

She also recommends using corded.

Seconded, Wahl are the best. I've had mine for nearly 15 years now and they're still going strong!
Thirded, WAHL, clippers everytime.
Had a pair of their corded clippers for about 10 years, cost about £25 and still going strong.
Have taken to using a Bic on whats left of the folicles nowadays, but if it gets a bit shaggy the Wahl comes out and does a No 1 all over in minutes few.
As a back up for Ex etc, a Boots own brand Battery beard trimmer in the wash bag gives a good close crop, just takes a few mins longer.

Beaten to it by TT, who also has an antique Wahl it seems
Bought a Pair of second hand whal clippers from my local barber when he retired, Paid a tenner in 1989 and they are still going strong, lost the combs years ago though. So strictly No1 here, would'nt like to guess how many heads they've done as I used to charge 50p for cut as a little side line when I was in.
I've got Nicky Clarke rechargable ones I got from Argos five years ago and they're still going strong.