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Cutting edge Police resource binned

What do they do with it? Drive down roads at 10mph as a mobile traffic calming measure?
Maybe they are going to retire the Chief C*ntstable, I meant, the Chief Constable as well...... I jest.... really..
I served at Skegness and after reading the C/Insp's comment I really wonder how we managed without a tractor. We must have been like Holmes without the magnyfing glass. A sad day for the 'bracing' town.


Shame to loose the PR. Tractor theft is big business with a lot of the machines ending up in eastern Europe and when you consider the price of some of these machines. The also hold their second hand value, a friend of mine is selling a Deutz he's had it 18 month put 1200 hours on it and the dealer is offering him more than he paid for it.
Plant theft has been big business for years. Any sensible farmer fits tracker or the like. I doubt that police chugging about on a tractor is going to do anything other than enhance the C.V. of the o.i.c. of the unit.

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