Cutting Edge: P Company


"No 24 knows that missing an event is a sign of a poor attitude....what he doesn't know is that he's already failed."

Feckin priceless!
Trainasium - "Nothing to be scared of, it's only the height of a five-storey building!"


'all you are missing young man is a hand bag'

Anyone know where any of the men from the programme are now. I'm sure one of them used to be an SPSI at my TAC ?
I made the mistake of watching an episode at five in the morning when I was full of homebrew. Climbed to my feet full of grim determination and did fifty miles in 2:20 on the bike, Glasgow to Crianlarich.

Felt quite a bit less "Airborne" when I started to sober up. :(
No8 didnt pass.
Not in the episode shown I realise but at any time in the future- he was adamant that he would do it again and pass.

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