Cutting Edge - My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Gracie, Feb 22, 2010.

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  1. I sat open mouthed through the whole of this last Thursday Night (18th)...sort of mesmerised and repelled at the same time....
  2. But wouldn't you have done half of the young lovelies. Especially the fit one at the end. Yum Yum!
  3. I liked the fact they actually had morals and standards. Rather them than chavs?
  4. I missed that, I know what you mean about them lovelies, Appleby Horse Fair is the place to see them just don't let their men see you do it though.
  5. Not unless you have a double breasted suit 2 sizes too small an orange kipper tie and Umbro trainers!
  6. a 27 stone dress!!! no thanks..
  7. The key to surviving Appleby is to not make eye contact with anyone, including the horses. Nearly came home with a nice young filly last time and it didn't have tits.
  8. Come to Brigg there are hundreds to choose from!!!! lol
  9. No way Darkninja, their morals don't extend to the rest of society, they will rob,cheat and steal all day long and then play the race card when old bill does get them. Add to that they trash the place's they squat on. The semi permanent ones near us defrauded my firm and other local firms by using cloned credit cards, and even months later they were still trying the same scam on us. Old bill told me they order materials and goods to the only empty plot on their site, pay on a card and then 6 weeeks later credit card firm takes the money back. You can't tell them to feck off as they will quiet happily come back at night and burn my business down.
    They are rats, and rats need to eat-its the dumb people who give them work installing new drives or tree surgeon type work who are to blame.
    (wow, I feel better now)
  10. Would agree with that entirely, did you bathe this young filly you Nearly Bought,?
  11. Donut,

    Are they Irish travellers or Romany?
  12. Nah, It had a good amount of Andalusian in it (fnar, fnar) so I was giving it a good looking over, and summert else that looked like it had a fair amount of Hobbit in it started spitting in its hand and holding it out saying "give me a number, spit, name your price, spit, come on, spit,...." he was ever so Irish and comms were stilted i just backed away slowly and greased my exit with compliments, as is essential if you want to back out unscathed, I even took on an Irish twang to help things along "beautiful harse you've got sir, a good mare, lovely, too good for me, Ah I couldn't afford it sir..."

    Messing with their bints is one thing, but fcuk about with their horses and you should expect to die.
  13. JD - I agree! It was a question (Harry Hill style) Them or Chavs?
  14. The key to surviving Appleby is not to go. That's from someone who lives 5 miles away! My kids go to AGS and in 2008 the policing slipped a few notches and you had Pikeys fighting on the playing fields, abusing kids on the way to school etc etc. Last year was great. The local (fecking dozy) plod was reinforced by some SturmPolizei from GMP and the Pikeys were so hacked off they went home early. Result!