Cuts? Salami slicing or the axe?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MrTracey, May 7, 2009.

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  1. From what I can see, the cavalier fashion in which 33/34/ and 35 were treated is the start of something, not the end of it.

    The 'Campaign footing' mantra is being heard all too frquently for my liking - if it doesn't 'contribute to SUCCESS in Afghanistan' then it's not worth doing or having (apparently).

    As a rumour service, it seems appropriate to hear it here first and it might allow us to gauge what is happening out there..

    i.e. the apparent reduction in MTDs already being talked about in another thread...but what about T&S, white fleet, exercises, CE events - are these being cut/reduced?

    What's happening?

    Who's next?

  2. Expectation of a briefing from SOinC to LAND/CRF next week which should provide some direction for the remainder of the TA R Signals.

    It will be interesting see when further information is pushed out regarding for the other parts of the Reserves; will the RLC go up or down in strength, will any non infantry capbadges be re-assigned to the teeth arms, what's the impact going to be on the RNR and RAuxAF?
  3. msr

    msr LE

    If you read the review (although it does contradict itself in places) RAuxF and RNR are looking at increasing in size.

  4. It will be interesting to see how, when alot of our Sqns are working at half strength as it is.
  5. I think that the general criticism of the manner in which the 33-35 issues was handled will mean that all future reductions and budget cuts will be by stealth rather than by major announcements.

    However, I agree with Mr T - more cuts are on their way. Once they get a taste for it, they will get more confident. We haven't seen the half of the level of damage yet to be caused to the military as a result of the recession. I think they are only just beginning to realise.....
  6. And its great not knowing what they are and then making your own assumptions. I presume I'm changing Sqn's/Regt's
  7. R Signals are in the process of delivering a holistic plan to provide meaningful employment for the 1500 left within the volunteer corps. It will be a week or so before this is agreed but will mean a wholesale shake up of the UK footprint.

    This is about saving money - the issue is how best to do it.
  8. It's very much the start I fear. Over in our little corner of the world the main effort is now support to ops - on weekends that is, not just by sending bodies on tours. Now we've been doing that for a while now but it's always been seen as a bonus (we get trained, they get some work done in the process) rather than a reason for existence. The CO even went to far as to say that Annual Camp is now a last resort for those who can't do something that materially contributes. And if we're in the position we have to do that then one wonders how a unit with no way to materially contribute on weekends in the UK will look to the budgeteers.

    Then there's the constant stream of requests support apart from mobilisation, the standing offers for anyone, anywhere to get mobilised, FTRS'd and so on. Unfortunately a lot of the short term stuff is very last minute, but that leads to the real reason:

    Defence is broke. Bust, bankrupt, out of cash, under-resourced, has been operating in excess of the defence planning assumptions for over a decade - choose your euphemism. If we are to continue Ops then anything not contributing is up for the axe. Forget fighting "the war", forget high intensity ops against a peer enemy. forget long term stability and sustainability - if it does not contribute to the next deployment then it's out.

    Now, the British Army has traditionally just shut up and got on with it, no matter how stupid the orders. That is not a bad thing - who really wants a military govt ? But things are going to get worse, a lot worse before something breaks and things get changed. Again, the tradition of the British Army is that it takes a military disaster with large scale casualties before reform occurs.

    So ladies and gents, it's decision time. Ride the train wreck and do what you can, or bale out ?
  9. You cheery bugger you :D
  10. Well, I didn't even start on the vibes I pick up at work for a defence company about future spending (or lack of it).
  11. Spending on Defence, Health, Police, education, energy and Transport, plus a few other bits, all fall in the category of "Must Have"...

    The Olympics, Overseas Aid, Quangos, MP's expense claims, propping up bust banks, along with a host of other things (pick your own) ALL fall into the category of "Nice to do/Have"

    Unfortunately this Government hasn't got a f**king scoby what the difference is, or the importance of anything, other than milking the milchcow for the last drop.
  12. Talking of trains, it came to my attention last week that the TA 100 train naming ceremony (only last Oct?) didn't last very long.

    The name plates for TA 100 were removed in April and the train has reverted to it's previous name.....portent?
  13. msr

    msr LE

    Lack of observation on your part Winglers old chap:

    The temporary renaming and renumbering of 'Oliver Cromwell' took place with the kind permission of the National Rail Museum and in association with the Great Central Railways, an award-winning heritage railway. or

  14. I must read things properly and not expect too much...
    I must read things properly and not expect too much...
    I must read things properly and not expect too much...
    I must read things properly and not expect too much...
  15. Bit more than a nicety i think... If the banks collapse it isn't just rich bankers who will lose out, financially you're looking at the world stopping spinning!