Cuts in warships, aircraft and heavy armour

Yeah lets cut are forces, not in real terms just make the books look like we are up to strength. That way we can really scare anybody who tries to pick a fight with us. We won’t actually be able to do anything but we could get are big brother to hit them ie: the Americans
at least we wont have to scrap our warships, we can just let the Navy continue to crash them into rocks but instead of towing them half way around the world to repair them, we could just let them sink.
under manned and overstretched and now we want to cut back even more?
havin a laff?
thought we were fighting terrorists?

Mr Happy

I quite liked the idea of getting US kit or at least getting closer to the US, they at least don't fanny around on what is worth spending money on and so if we link our kit to working with theirs we should go along quite well. As far as I can tell in NATO the only thing that we've ever done is agree to all use 5.56 and that's it (I accept there might be something at higher levels).

Remember the CDS is a soldier so hopefully the review won’t be too bad for us. The Navy probably needs the biggest cut, what, for example, use is a big grey boat in shooting terrorists?
Remember the CDS is a soldier so hopefully the review won’t be too bad for us
Really? Remember SDR?


Book Reviewer
Don't underestimate the power of the Admiralty.

Watch the newspapers or do a google search on the Royal Navy and drugs. Whilst today in the papers the Army can manage a spaniel with a medal the RN are much more savvy than this.

Whilst the men in green and grey have been shuffling around Afghanistan and Iraq for the past two years the RN have been waging a very successful press campaign about their successful drug captures off South America.

They are being seen to do something, don't write them off as dead just yet. PR is a navy speciality.
considering most of the big stuff and the bulk of supplies have to be moved by ships. Thease are usually unarmed merchant vessels who need protection hence the requirement for surface escorts.
on method of entry into a foreign is amphibious assulault eg Falklands, GW2. amphibious shipping is lightly armed and there fore needs surface escorts. And air support from carriers who also don't have weapon systems to defend themselves and need surface escorts.
What does the navy keep sacrificing to pay for the proposed carriers surface escorts!!!!!

HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of wales will probably go the way of the last proposed Queen elizabeth canceled by the treasury.

As to airpower we do unfortunatley need an airforce to provide air superiority, CAS, strike, etc and with the way the current programes and cuts are going soon it will only be useful for airshows.
maninblack said:
They are being seen to do something, don't write them off as dead just yet. PR is a navy speciality.
and touching each others bums.............
This is all one short hop and a skip from a "Combined Defence Force"

Well, it really worked for the Canadians didn't it :twisted:
why don't we just bin trident
keep half a dozen nukes just in case or offer the whole thing to the EU
not like there's any read hordes to nuke with it anymore
at least typhoon can alledgedly drop smart bombs or turn up at air shows
we've got cruise missiles on the ssk(N)s now so why not buy a few neke tipped ones and scrap trident. Labour answers CND's prayers and the Sub fleet becomes balanced.

once we drop below 100,000 we stop being an army anyway and become a defence force so UKDF here we come. MMMM seem to remember seeing that FLA on some documentation in the gulf
Bin all the planes and then we could use that very expensive if not somewhat pointless Air Defence stuff we've got.
This is very very sad , we will live to regret this move, I totally despair at the logic and mentality of our political leaders, and I do not believe for a minute our Senior officers are in agreement with all this.

Not only is this a dangerous and rocky road to take, but we are playing right into Bush's (and whoever comes next) hands, its exactly where the Ham Shanks want us at there mercy and whim.
PartTimePongo said:
This is all one short hop and a skip from a "Combined Defence Force"

Well, it really worked for the Canadians didn't it :twisted:
:lol: you are kidding right, please tell me your kidding, the only joke bigger than the Canadain forces right now is BFPO and his lust for a federation :lol:
intresting the CGS was talking about greater interoprebility with the US armed forces and TB and BUFFoon keeps mentioning greater cooperation with Europe Hmmmm :?
We’re going to need greater interoperability with the Postal Worker, only uniform service left who will be able to support us. Maybe then BFPO mail will get through.
Yes it is sad - but what options do we have left ?

A declining economy with pressures from health and education which means we will not see an increase in the defence budget. We need to be more deployable - everyone accepts that; the options are therefore do nothing, strive for an increase in the defence budget or re rerole.

The do nothing option leaves us open to more cuts as we are less usable in support of government defence policy, there is no more money for the reasons above, therefore we have to restructure within our own means. How best to do it ? Cut some of the expensive items like old RN ships and RAF aircraft which will give a quantum leap to the Army's capability in the form of new eqpt for our medium forces in particular lt inf bns. Overall we come out of this far better that our RAF and RN friends as we have a long term strategy up to 2020.

No one like change but this is something we have to grasp if we are to stay ahead in this game - just like any major business. The more options we have to remain flexible and responsive whilst being a credible defence force the better.

If anyone can come up with better options that do not involve an increase in the defence budget then lets hear them !

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