Cuts have badly damaged forces morale - Defence Secretary

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Legs, Oct 6, 2012.

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  1. In a stunning revelation the Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has announced that morale has been badly damaged.

    I know it's The Sun, but there you go...

    Defence Secretary Philip Hammond admits cuts lower forces’ morale | The Sun |News|Politics

    I do wonder about this quote though:

    Do 80% of Forces Families have debt problems? Credit card, loans and mortgages fair enough, but problems? If true I find it worrying.
  2. I wouldn't imagine that on average that they have any more debt than civvies. Debt may have increased, but I would imagine that this is more due to rising costs than to Joe Squaddie living any farther outside of his means.
  3. For one horrific moment I thought this was another RSS feed.
  4. They got this from the AFF?

    That's diverse then, because it's not like the AFF is full of gobby Army wives who need to get a job instead of wearing their husband's rank.
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  5. Hmmm, b*gger all to perk the morale of a home owner with no kids who could be facing the chop in tranche 3 or 4 (or if merged, will that become tranche 7?) then.
  6. Reading 'the plan' to allow service leavers housing priority or allowing them to use their pension pot towards mortgages is interesting..

    The plan is flawed due to the housing demand outstripping supply surely?
  7. Surely it should read "Cunts have badly damaged forces morale - Defence Secretary"
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  8. The only ones with poor morale will be those forced to leave.

    Some were planning on leaving anyway so will be glad to receive a redundancy payout.

    Those staying in just resume normal jogging.

    They'll be whinging about lack of medals in a few years time due to lack of tours.
  9. - I don't have any kids in school (He's grown up and joined up himself)
    - I already own my own house
    - I don't use KFC ('cos it's minging), Vodafone ('cos their coverage is dreadful), Vision Express (I get a discount already from Specsavers), Austin Reed (Really??) and Thomas Cook (Robbing barstewards)

    So not much there to improve my morale.
  10. Its the way the cuts are being done that confuses me.

    Alot of good soldiers are choosing to leave.

    Lots of fat, downgraded useless ***** are being allowed to stay. Even being promoted for **** sake.

    Are the sick, lame and lazy all going to be binned on tranche 3 & 4? If not, what the **** is the Army going to look like? It will be like the village of the damned!!! Big fat monsters limping around looking for pies to eat.
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  11. They do say that the Army is a fair reflection of society as a whole.

  12. They`ll issue a Long Mortgage to Service medal for the whingers.

  13. Oh, you`ve been to Tidworth recently. I`m surprised, you did`nt see any whingers out & about too.
  14. But our pies, bought from our shops with our money. AND, no more tours...
  15. I remember being told that people who are permanently downgraded couldn't be made redundant unless they volunteered. This is the reason PAP10 was introduced, to either medically discharge those who can no longer meet the medical requirement for service or to boot out those too fat and lazy to pass basic tests.