Cuts ground special forces helicopters

HELICOPTERS used by British special forces to mentor their Afghan counterparts on anti-drugs operations have been grounded to save just £2m a year. The funding for the helicopters — used by the Special Boat Service (SBS) and Afghan special forces for raids on drugs barons and Taliban insurgents — was cut by the Foreign Office two months ago.

Squiddly said:
Christ's sake, you'd think they'd have learned by now.
What am I talking about, of course not.
'Cyclops the Saviour' CANNOT and WILL NOT be taught anything - he knows EVERYTHING. So, forget Afghanistan, the dishevelled fool is whooping it up in Trinidad and that makes everything ok.

Anyway, how else are the civil service bonuses going to be paid?
I really despair of this hopeless bunch of Numpties attempting to run our country, I really do. Tell you what Gordon, why not just wind up the Armed Forces for good and save yourself a packet to spend on trivialities, like you have been doing, you hopeless bloody halfwitted sh*t for brains excuse for a Prime Minister. :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x
Left-hand right-hand issue plus a really squalid and dumb bit of NoMB (Not on My Budget)

Beggars belief but what else can you expect from a Government big on grand announcements but a pathetic grip on reality.

"The decision came despite Gordon Brown’s announcement that Britain’s “exit strategy” rests on training Afghan forces to take over its role.

The Foreign Office refused to discuss the funding but privately officials confirmed the money was cut amid vain hopes that the Americans would foot the bill instead."

“It was a highly successful mission and the Afghans were getting better every day,” a special forces source said last week. “The paltry sums involved were getting a pretty valuable return.”

The Afghan military supplied four Russian-made MI-8 Hip helicopters but could not afford to run them so the Foreign Office agreed to fund the costs of the fuel and upkeep.

The helicopters were flown by British pilots from 7 Squadron, RAF special forces. But despite Britain’s lead role in the Afghan drugs operations the Foreign Office is cutting its overall funding from £49.2m last year to £36.7m this year.

Ed Butler, who commanded British troops when they first deployed to Helmand in 2006, said: “It strikes me as pretty counter-intuitive and verging on the ridiculous to cut this funding when the government is stressing the training of Afghan security forces as a way of withdrawing our troops.”
Mr_d said:
Funny how we can easily send £17 million in child support benefits to polish families living in poland.
How foolish of you Mr D. You must understand how priorities are set. Special Forces do not need choppers, they are well 'ard and can tab for days on end at the speed of a thousand gazelles with 200 pounds kit. :x

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