Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Storeman Norman, Oct 7, 2005.

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  1. Nothing un-true in any of that - Torygraph should be congratulated for accurate reporting.
    Apart from the last paragraph
    "An RAF technician warned that although aircrew might get tired "it's the airframe on these aircraft that is being put under great strain. It's because of cutbacks - they just don't have enough money"
    which is obviously added for colour.
  2. Awful and don't think it's that high up on the list of things to do, to be honest.

    On a related note, do we have any military bases in the AE?
  3. I'll bet the bloke who was stranded for 20 days in the UK after his leave, wasn't complaining.
  4. The Tri-Stars had already been well used by BA and Pan Am when the MoD bought them second-hand over 20 years ago - I'm amazed they don't break down more often.

    So, not really cuts, but a failure to plan for and invest in the future.
  5. I'll bet he is if he's been stuck in that bloody 'hotel' at Brize for all that time.
  6. U/S TriStars - never! :twisted:

    I wonder if the one referred to as "Damien" is still in service.
  7. As someone mentioned earlier they are not seen as a priority by the MoD. The RAF is making do as best it can with what was brought in as a stop gap but like many things in the military its been flogged to death.

    As it happens my original return flight from Basrah was cancelled and the week before and aircraft actually came in full but had to leave empty because the ECM went tits up and as such they couldn't carry pax. Hoiw annoying must it have been being bused to transit with the sound of an empty aircraft taking off reverberating across the camp?

    Good picture of some beret addicted squaddies wearing their hats on the pan though.

    You'd be amazed at how much damage a beret could do to an aircraft engine. Take them off airside eh ladies and gents?
  8. More from the Torygraph. I am sure the list can be added to, although to be fair to the Mod (teeth gritted) it was the Trafalgar class of subs that were US, not the entire fleet. The V and S class were still operational, although there are only 4 Swiftsures as opposed to 7 Trafalgars. Spotter.

  9. Unfortunately the source of all this info is the Torygrapth. Although slightly 'blue' myself I wouldn't put all the blame for military kit on the present government. Some of the 'failures' they mention were problems when the Tories were in power. Also, although we all love to run down MoD procurement processes there has been some good efforts of late, the Apache program for example.
  10. Any chance you could find something a bit more up-to-date?

    I'm sure I could dig out a report in the London Gazette & Review on problems with the introduction of Martin Baker rifle in Africa!!
  11. Nah, that was it really.

    Its not done too bad as an MoD project, when compared the the farce surrounding Bowman and Typhoon.
  12. Both crab white and green fleet were totally overstretched in Afghanistan part 1, following Saif Sareea. MoD just don't learn that you can't go to places that haven't got a good SPOD and secure lines of comms if you ain't got enough planes!

    Wish I'd bought shares in Antonov years ago.