CUTS - across the whole economy - ideas and suggestions

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by RCT(V), Jun 8, 2010.

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  1. CUTS - across the whole economy. Your ideas and suggestions as requested by the Prime Minister . . a sensible thread!

    Another thread “ConDem Regime Tells Britons to brace for “Painful” Spending Cuts”, seems to be concentrating just on the FCO’s foreign aid expenditure.
  2. Reduce the salaries of all elected officials and start an anonymous tip line to report fraud, waste, and abuse by government agencies.
  3. "The West Lothian Question" - lets begin with a suggestion that goes straight to the heart of the new Government's declared wish to reform/downsize Parliament, and also to find financial savings!

    The only subject areas that have not been devolved to the "provincial" parliaments/assemblies are,

    the national (UK) budget/finances;
    foreign affairs; and,

    Those subjects should only be debated in Parliament it is suggested (for example) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Parliamentary Committees scrutinising those subjects would also only sit on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

    Members of Parliament (Commons and Lords) from Scotland, Wales, and from Ulster, would only be invited to visit Westminster; vote; be able to claim expenses; and, receive other salaries and remuneration; for the attendances on those specified days chosen to consider subjects that concern them.
  4. Discontinue child benefit.

    Why do we persist with it? The whole world is over-populated - not just our islands. Why should we “encourage” with an extravagant, universal, inducement, the increased consumption of increasingly scarce resources.

    Those “families” in really severe hardship (the measure/assessment of which, whilst pertinent, can be the subject of another suggestion), can/could be topped-up/reimbursed through other more discriminatory, means-tested benefits.

    It is understood there is a maternity grant, which can/should/intended to be used to buy the one-off “capital” (durable) expanses of starting a family - crib/cot, bedding, baby's bath, etc.
  5. Housing of single parents

    Why should the rest of society, pay for the behaviour of young girls who become pregnant, and expect to be (re-)housed in their own home, by the local council/housing association.

    That obligation should be removed from local councils/housing associations.

    It is the responsibility of the young girls own parents to house, feed and bring up the “illegitimate” grandchildren, and their own irresponsible daughter.
  6. Can't agree, but certainly make it a means tested benefit. The "across the board" payment is absurd.
  7. Stop spending on Social Engineering projects.

    No benefits for asylum seekers. There should in fact be very few asylum seekers in UK, if I recall the rules correctly anyone looking for asylum should claim it in the first safe haven they come to after leaving their home country. Therefore unless they have flown in to UK they almost certainly will have passed through one or more "safe" countries before hitting our fair shores.

    Dismantle the culture which has led to families with 3 or more generations of benefit recipiants. Harsh as it may seem to some we need to get back to having a social stigma attached to recieving benefits.

    Treat National Insurance like real insurance. I can't claim on an insurance policy if I haven't paid the premiums so why can people draw on National Insurance having not paid in to the system. It should be a temporary safety net for those who have fallen on hard times, not a free ride for those that don't want to contribute to society.

    Just a few for discussion.
  8. Stop the freeloaders from entering our society!!! anyone found drawing dole that is not eligable or any idiots that are drawing dole and working(or doing the they say), and beneifit fraudsters, should be pushed out the other side of the channel tunnel and told to do one!!!!

    Along with any illegal immigrants or British people who forfiet their nationality as they have been caught fighting for the Taliban!!!

    would save us millions!!!!!!
  9. Well they've just cut me from the NHS so anyone wanting a semi-housetrained former SO3 give me a shout :(
  10. Stop giving billions of pounds to europe every year. Some nations continue to be net recipients and they need to learn to stand on thier own two feet. I continue to fail to see the economic benefit to the UK of paying for the Greeks, Spanish, Italians etc to have thier infrastructure built at our expense.
  11. How much does the planned Trident replacement / upgrade cost? I think the current Trident is a sufficient enough deterent to make any state (forget terrorists just now) think twice about chucking one or two at us. As for the terrorist, he couldn't give a fukk what we've got as by then, he's in heaven looking for his 42 virgins!

    As RCT(V) has said (in one of his posts!), if some bint can't keep her legs shut and produces another rug-rat, why should you and I pay for her housing? Let the parents who haven't instilled enough morals into said slapper pay for her and her offspring.

    A maximum of 2 children should attract child benefit.

    MPs should only be allowed to claim expenses on proof of expenditure by supporting expense claims with current receipts.
  12. Good. We agree in principle.

    However, rather than just adding the further bureaucracy of “means testing” to the child benefit system - I can imagine that the opportunity will be grasped, to specifically discontinue this admittedly emotional benefit, as a “signal” of the Government’s plight and determination
  13. Yes, stop all those johnny foreigners stealing our women, raping our jobs and smuggling the plans to the Death Star to Alderaan! tsk...
  14. Extra £5 tax on a pack of cigarettes and likewise on other smoking products.
    Extra tax on alcohol
    Withdraw the benefits for service personnel living in Germany (ie tax free cars and other tax free items)
    reduce tax on petrol
  15. Pay for student loans, IF the student completes a core subject degree, being maths, english etc, or anything in the medical/engineering field, or in subjects that as a Nation we're lacking in. Obviously change as and when required. IF they sign a contract to say they will work for Local authority education or medical. 15 years for Teachers, 15 years for nurses, 10 years for specialist medical like GP or Surgeon or Scientists. Or reduce contract obligation to 5 years if they do Defence Medical/Dental. Lets build up the Defence Hospitals and Rehab facilities, to stop stretching the NHS.
    Also shave off 2 or 3 weeks from the multitude of holidays that kids get, and mandate more Phys Ed into the national curriculum, reducing fat kids.
    Chain gangs in charge of area cleaning motor ways and public areas. Enforce 3 strike rule/25 year sentence. Stop giving every villain a "hotel" to stay in. My Dad knows loads of re-offenders who re-offend cos they have a better life in prison!
    See how they get on with that lot, and i'll rattle off an even bigger list with regards to Immigration and the unemployed