Cute lesbian on Jeremy Kyle now

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ryder02, Feb 11, 2011.

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  1. See, they do exist!!
  2. Go and beast yourself for watching utter Chav drivel you fucking twat.
  3. Oh FFS, her other half is a about a size 20...
    But I bet most of us have done alot worse...
  4. Your dad certainly has.
  5. In my defence it is on in the background whilst I'm doing a spot of decorating.
    I do like to spend my day feeling like a productive member of society - and after watching this lot, I feel like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs & Mother Therasa rolled into one!
  6. Ouch 5A!

    But this is the NAAFI bar, so was asking for abuse really.
  7. her fiancee is a complete munter
  8. Used to watch this on naafi break, while waiting for me brew and bap.
    The dear deidre of television, you could go back to work knowing that your life wasn't so shit after all.

    I'd still like to give the smug shouty cunt a kick in the balls and a new nose though....
  9. Some of us have jobs. Take a photo and post it
  10. Get back to work then.
  11. Some of us are allowed Arrse at work :)
  12. why would I want to do that?!?
  13. Fair do's.
  14. Some of you are allowed to come to work late; but not you!
  15. Thing is, I'm never late plus for my sins, have full access to the interweb for work purposes, result (yes, even porn). Now, don't you have some beds to make, :)