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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by MBLU, Jun 10, 2011.

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  1. Recently Brigadier PNYM Sanders DSO OBE was priviliged to commerate the 108th Anniversary of the Paderborn Schutzen Verein with Shtzenoberst Elmar Kloke. Have the recent cutbacks effected our National standing with respect to standards of dress? Surely we should provide him with a clean and maintained uniform.

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  2. Im guessing he's pissed and had a roll around in a ditch. What happens on Schutzenfest, stays on Schutzenfest!
  3. Hey, that's my old boss you're slagging off, can't see anything wrong myself. You do know our man is the one on the left don't you? Not the organ grinder's monkey / Thunderbirds / Peter Dow mutation on the right. And why was he 'priviliged', if you ask me the privilege was all theirs.
  4. Thanks to SDSR he lost his batman........
  5. Aw c'mon - if you see a Jacket wearing shoes and matching socks, you know he's giving it his very best shot. This one's even managed matching coat and trousers and is wearing a hat, he's clearly bullshit-crazed.
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  6. He was much more dapper in his tropical whites before his promotion.

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  7. Is the Deutsche RSM in the pic wearing the Iron Cross 3rd class at his throat?
  8. He's a German RSM? I thought he was an Italian Postman with a hatred of chickens and an ear infection which means he has to have a special hat to keep his right ear out of the rain.
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  9. On a serious note, the pre-FAD service dress as sported here is a personal responsibility for upkeep. So cutbacks have no bearing on it!

    aside from which, what exactly is the problem with his uniform apart from being a little snug in places.
  10. Snug and a bit less than well pressed.

    If you look like a bag of shit tied around the middle with string....... you might just be a gay padre.
  11. Looks better as an old ill fitting tunic (pull it down and it should be ok) than FAD which would take a complete redesign to look anything like respectable.
  12. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    When Zero Alpha was my fiancee in Uncle Tom's Cabin (in Paderborn funnily enough), a pair of men in green uniforms with white caps walked in. She asked why the milkmen were carrying guns.

    "Because they're policemen."
  13. what a dapper brother, standards, hes the pinnicle