Cutbacks and Contempt for the Armed Forces- enough is enough

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. The recent spate of stories about MoD mendacity and vindictive tight-fistedness are enough to make your blood boil. The same lies are recycled by mouthpiece ministers, yet the same outrages keep happening – Capt Phillippson was a victim of the same set of circumstances that allowed Sgt Roberts to die three years previously. The government commits troops to operations with all the forethought of a gambler with a blank chequebook. The grievously-burned L/Cpl Compton (reported in the Telegraph) will get a fraction of the sum a snout-trough minister can probably expect for resigning in disgrace, well below the maximum that is payable. Parliamentary accountability is at an all-time low, with no annual Defence Vote and the same recycled lies, fiddled figures and promises of equipment some time in the future. The Armed Forces are in a terrible state and it only appears to be the pride and sacrifice of personnel that is cynically taken for granted by the government that keeps things creaking along.

    What to do? There is no prospect of an increase in funding or a reduction in commitments as things stand. Things will continue to get worse, with personnel of all 3 services bearing the brunt. The only way things will change is if the political cost for government of inaction is greater than that of taking action. One way of bringing this equation into reality is to mobilise a mass march in London, in the same way that the police did. It could be titled “Look After Our Troops” or “Fair Deal for Defence” – I am sure there are far better ideas out there. The march would be supported by families, friends and supporters but also serving personnel although not in uniform. I was at the Save the Scottish Regiments march 4 years ago and there appeared to be quite a few serving soldiers marching in mufti :twisted: This march would attract tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands and would be supported enthusiastically by the media – witness the column inches that are generated every time the latest defence outrage becomes public. It could provide some impetus for change, if it was accompanied by clearly defined aims and objectives – these would need to be given careful thought, not just “spend more money”.

    Enough is enough! :x :x :x :x
  2. Broon managed to find nearly 900 million pounds to give away during his recent jaunt abroad , even this sum would make a vast difference.
    We must remember however that the main objective of Labour , new or old , is the total ruination of this country.
    They have very nearly achieved it
  3. Can we start the coup now?
  4. If someone brings the pitchforks I'll bring the torches. If there's a march organised I'll be there and get as much support from the area as I can muster.
  5. Anybody else notice how Darling managed to find £1.7 Billion to repay the Banks that Metronet borrowed money from? Nice that, PFI must be making the banks a fortune with zero risk.
  6. And the wonderful part of it is that the banks justify their enormous fees and profits because of the 'risk' involved in such large projects. Only in Westminster would that make any sense.

    Lack of understanding and a correspondingly low priority would be understandable although unforgivable. Claiming there's no money in the pot then finding £25Bn overnight for the sake of the banking industry is jsut breathtakingly contemptuous. Still, squaddies only risk their lives whereas banks are risking money. Far more important. :x
  7. My bold - it was not for the banking industry but for a bank that happens to be mainly based in core labour voting areas.
  8. I've got some buckshee Hexy!!
  9. I find your naivity touching.

    Darling, Broon, snivelling serpants (Departmental Secretary level) all have one thing in common: they are all looking for something to do once their mediocrity and mendacity is no longer tolerated by the electorate and next administration.

    By allowing investment without risk (aside from risk to the tax-payer) they are attacking something that they hate: the free market capitalist economy. However the dichotomy of New Labour still stands: though they hate rich people and wealth creators, they are drawn towards them as moths to a candle.

    When the senior civil servants retire in a couple of years, when Broon and 'eyebrows' Darling get kicked out at the next election, simply wait a few months/weeks or days and then see where they have found gainful employment.

    I am willing to put a 100quid bet on now, that these politicians, and the senior civil servants under them, will all have consultancy positions or executive directorships of the banks concerned, or associated funds or investment vehicles. These scum will simply view it as payback time for the banks: "Back in 2008 I made you 1.8 billion quid. Now all I am asking is 350,000quid a year plus expenses for a 2 day week until I am 65/70/whenever I get bored".
  10. Why dont we all quit?

    Resign until a serious review of the governments priorites is completed?
  11. And the collapse of a British bank would not have undermined the credibility of the entire British banking sector in any way? Cobblers.
  12. Agreed, look at the appaling Patricia Hewitt - cocked up everything she was in charge of. Now she has a £100,000 a year 'consultancy' with Boots (former Health Secretary??) and is being put forward as next EEC commissioner. The same goes for the massive failure known as Kinnock.
  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Anyone called Clarkson yet?
  14. And Kinnock's wife....and his son, who headed up the British Council in St Petersberg until booted out by the Russkies. That's the British Council of which his father is head. Who said that political preferment and nepotism are the preserve of tin-pot dictators in third-world banana republics - apparently tin-pot dictators in Britain have reserved the right to do the same thing.
  15. Wrong.

    Remember Barings? Britain's oldest privately owned bank. Sold for 1 GBP. But that was under the Tories, and they understood that the financial sector needs to be lean to survive.

    Northern Rock is an abortion. Yes people would have lost money. Tough titties. They should have investigated and understood the flawed business model the bank was using (which no-one else was or is). If they didn't understand it then they should have sold their shares and invested in something they did understand.

    One of the most important rules of investing: if you do not understand the company (how it works, what it does, what the risks are, etc) then how can you make a sensible decision?

    The whole Northern Rock debacle is about communist cúnts in Downing Street (nos 10 and 11) being scared of loosing votes in their 'heartland', a hatred for risk-takers and wealth creators and a stupid student union desire that the whole world should be nice and fluffy. There should be no loosers in life, etc ,etc.

    If NR had been allowed (rightly) to go to the wall then it would have made investors a damn sight more active in checking their investments and it would have forced the government to make the FSA employ some people of ability, rather than the current bunch of politically correct incompetents.