Cutback money spent on this sort of dross

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Mar 13, 2005.

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  1. This is where the money from the cutbacks is going. More spin doctors to churn out dross to deceive the electorate.

    Who is this 2 div witch anyway? Also, has anyone tried averaging out the bottom-rate Pte's wage over the hours worked? I bet it is far less than that of a bus driver!

    From the Scotsman letter pages:

  2. Might be worth checking this person's credentials. A letter appeared in the Times several years ago supporting the Government's decision to scrap the Sea Harrier. It was from two pilots - one RN, one RAF. Hoon (or it might have been Ingram or Moonie?) used this to support his case during a debate in the commons.

    Several days later, the Govt admitted that neither of the perons actually exist.

    Wouldn't surprise me if they're doing it again..........
  3. She's a sapper Captain? and has been in the 'Because we say it is so' game for some time.

  4. I live in London. why are so many of the homeless on the streets here ex-servicemen and women, especially army, if they have all these transferable skills and £8.4k resettlement grants? :?:
  5. So there aren't enough places in the training system?
  6. Or maybe ATRA can't afford any more training until FY 05/06 :twisted:

  7. Try 08 :lol:
  8. 8O

    Is this a debate about how well or poorly we are paid?

    Let's deal with these one by one shall we:


    Difficult to give an exact cost for food and accommodation as a result of rank and other considerations. I will point out though that, whilst the food is usually acceptable (thanks to the improvisation of a lot of chefs out there); it is not massively different to eating slightly better funded school meals (note recent Jamie Oliver campaign). By this I refer to the amount of money available each day to feed a soldier and the type of ingredients (frozen/processed meat for example) used.


    I have to say, Z type or whatever it is called, accommodation is incredible. The problem is, that is very much the exception and not the rule. The rest of the accomodation available varies greatly but is not often anything to write home about. Old wartime RAF camps making up a great deal of it, from what I have seen. So expecting soldiers to pay more is madness, when they are clearly not living in the Ritz at the moment...

    Free Dental Care:

    Hmmm, if by this you mean overworked regional dental centres that specialise in pronouncing people dentally fit and pulling the wrong wisdom tooth (personal experience), then yes it is free; but with the majority of dental nurses fleeing to 2 (civ) Div. I dont think this is exactly the BUPA style dentist support that "free dental care" as a perk suggests.

    Free Medical Care:

    Everybody gets free medical care; it is called the NHS. Aside from free prescriptions (mostly for Brufen), we get exactly what the public get... I am glad that again, a supposed perk is so misunderstood (MRSA anyone..).

    Families Housing:

    It is excellent that we get fully furnished, well maintained housing available to us at such an affordable rate; although I do wonder about the quoted £60 per month, who pays this level exactly?). I must point out that the housing can be shockingly bad and in order to promote stability and make allowance for the fact that we can be moved all over the world with little or no notice, they have no option but to provide affordable housing. DHE repair services are great by the way...

    Boarding School Allowances:

    See points listed above relating to moved all over the world...

    Welfare System:

    Hmm, seems to fail people though (homeless, PARA NCO with sick child, in courts right now).

    Don't get me wrong, I love the army, I am proud to serve. But no-one can accuse us of being spoiled... If you disagree, consider this, in peacetime when the bullets are not flying our worth might be disputed (although Foot & Mouth, petrol disputes, civil emergencies etc should be considered), but at the end of the day; I dont think you can reward someone enough for giving themselves to the nation and risking their life for others (or dubious politics).

    Anyone who cannot see this should read "Tommy" by Rudyard Kipling immediately. Anyone who cannot read should get a friend to select "Saving Private Ryan", "We Were Soldiers" and "Windtalkers" from their local film rental store. People without friends should report to Blandford for programming...

    :idea: any questions?
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  9. No mention about the hours worked either. When I left the army in 2000 I was regularly working 15-20 hour days in tank transporting on the road in the UK. Ops were worse,as they are for everyone.
    I was in a McDonalds and saw an ad in there asking for burger flippers and floor moppers et-al. The ad began to list wages, and after I'd seen that a floor mopper earned more than I did for half the hours it tipped the balance in my desision to do one and become a civvy.
  10. Come on lets be fair, Bus Drivers have to make selfless sacrifices too!
  11. I seem to remeber an article in one of the sunday papers recently that calculated the hourly rate for a squaddie in Iraq. They calculated that for an 80hr week (which is less than some are actually working), the wage worked out about £3.20hr. Well below the national minimum wage!!! 8O :roll:

  12. I do seem to recall that when the minimum working wage started the first excemption was armed forces.

    surprised the X-FACTOR wasn't mentioned