Cut sleeves on CS95 lightweight jacket/shirt

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by tank6275, Apr 23, 2009.

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  1. I am aware that it is sometimes the done thing by some folk during summer short sleeve period.

    just a question of how many of you out there do it or have done it?
    And have many been pulled up for it?

  2. Dont do it! It looks sh!t and chippy as fcuk!
  3. It used to look ok on the old shirts, but CS95 looks pants.
  4. Its a RLC thing.
  5. yea probably to try and make ourselves look as hard as everyone else by showing off more of the guns haha!

    and by the way peter its too late but just wanted to see how many had been billed or pulled up for it.
  6. It was just a observation im not RLC. Its just i spent a bit of time in Grantham last year and that was the summer rig as far as i could tell.
  7. Looks neat if its done right and tailored, not just butchered with a pair of scissors and some starch!!
  8. Used to look good on the old Shirt GS.

    Looks utter sh1t on a Combat Jacket Lightweight. Even worse if the wearer starts cutting diamonds out of the back to make it hug the body as well.

    Re billing.

    Just get friendly with the Clothing Storeman, and when you take the next one down make it all nice and folded. Chances are they wont notice and the garment will be in the bin before you know it.
  9. You would be lucky to get away with cut-off sleeves in the RLC actually, but as you mentioned Grantham, your on about TA(?). Cut offs, as others have said was good with KF but looks chipshop!
  10. You spent too long in ACIO, Slimeball!! :wink:
  11. im on about TA but i think your man there was obv taking about regs.

    As i said its been done already so i'll standby to be gripped for it.

    Pretty obvious as well as cut half way up sleeves and only 2 turns on the folds
  12. I've seen the both at Grantham (on both Reg and TA) but also on the WOs course running at JSCSC a couple of years back. Looks toss and they should be charged for a replacement Lightweight combat jacket.
  13. Agreed, it looks bone.
  14. Or just grow big tits and dye your hair blonde?
  15. Most at Grantham seem to have tried the first of those but coupled with a gut and stubble it doesn't work so well. :D