Cut Out and Keep

I am in the process of creating some Sgt Slingsby and Holidays4Heroes branded posters, screensavers, desktop wallpapers and a few other bits and pieces.

So to start things off, how about a door hanger

Download and print the file


Excellent, Printing on card as I type, I shall not criticise the fact that it is not symetrical allowing a two sided hanger, cos I am a happy bunny..

I may not hang them on my own door, but, when I go to my reunions later in the year I feel I may have to carry a few around; Just to advertise H4H and the Good Sgt you understand................

Maybe a few for couples, suggesting an inna/appropriate fetish or something equally bizarre....
I suppose that would depend on where you work!

Anyway, let me have your suggestions for these or anything else

Currently working on some tactical hand signal recognition cards and bullsh1t bingo cards

Watch this space
:D That's Brilliant Meridian... about time hotels etc. issued similar 'truthful' Do Not Disturb Signs :wink:

That reminds me, I grabbed my box of cornflakes the other day out of the cupboard and the bag inside fell out of a 'recently' cut-out DO NOT DISTURB sign that was on the outside with a dotted line around it, cornflakes "auf dem ganzen Platz" ALL OVER THE FRIGGIN PLACE!!! found out my 5 year old was behind it! :roll:
Mrs F_F well impressed with that, I can imagine us skipping around the hotel in the dead of night distributing joy and good will to all our sleeping oppos
That's hilarious Meridian :) I love it! I know so many people who are going to get a copy of that....
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