Cut MoD costs by 25% say the Tories

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by in_the_cheapseats, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

  2. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Soundbite politics from an idiot, is he any better than bollox bob?
  3. All this and fund the pay rise?

    A body might think a politician is saying whatever they think the current audience wants to hear. But we all know how ridiculous that idea is.
  4. Well ministers are talking out of there arrses then. I can't for one minute imagine that Pte Knuckfuckle of the 14th Bn of Royal Blankshires is dragging his chin around behind him at the prospect of fewer Civil Servants.
  5. "Frederick Duke of York was preparing for the Napoleonic threat between 1792 and 1804 he increased the size of the Army from 50,000 to nearly 500,000 - and he did it with 38 staff at Horse Guards."

    Yep - and those TLAMS, various aircraft, SSN, SLBM, ELINT sources, GCHQ, DSTL, ammo depots, Special Storage Sites and all the other high-tech stuff scared the feck out of Napoleon. :evil:

    Lets get rid of the SO2 Diversity, remove MoD from the effects of the HSAW Act 1974 and the plethora of other sh1t draining resources.

    A soundbite from a cnut!
  6. "On coming into office we intend to conduct a capabilities review to look at how we can get a better balance and achieve savings."

    Which won't cost much at all, will it?
  7. I am sure the tories favourite management consultants are rubbing their hands in glee as we speak.

    "Woop. Woop. More Free Money."
  8. What's all the fuss about? The MoD civil service is 40% of the size of the actual army itself, which is more than others, such as the US DoD - civilian employees are 30% of the size of the US armed forces. We do not need every three soldiers to have a civil servant dedicated to them with another 20,000 left over to run it...if anything it seems that it should be reduced by more than 25%.

    Also interesting that a few days ago members were talking about how good it was that the tories were saying that they're going to royally screw some people, but as it had to be done it was fine. Yet now as they continue to do that, without threatening the actual war-fighting capabilities of the forces themselves, people start to get uppity. Labour has overspent in almost every area apart from the military, in order to repair that the tories are presumably going to have to minimise costs and improve efficiency, sounds good to me.

    Alternatively vote for labour and they will lie to you while screwing you even more. It's seemed to work well the last two elections, maybe they can do it again.

    Also even if the budget does not increase, it could even decrease by a little but with less of a bloated civil service, more of that budget will be going towards procurement.
  9. that may be true us dod civvies are 30%
    but haliburitn and kp are massive load of contractors ?

    diversity should be binned non subject and not important
    HSAW one thing front line ops not applicable.
    but using the same dodge at workshops and other places where bits of metal not moving at high speed leads to slackness :evil:
  10. Its OK, they all just have the maths wrong!
    Start of the piece says 25% cuts but in the body of the text it says cut by a third. Apples and pears.

    25% = a quarter
    a third = 33.3.... %

    If they cannot work that out we have shite it!

    But for my part in my 28 years I really do feel that Liarbore have shat on the Forces and then blamed everything but themselves. Got to give the Cons a go at sorting it.
  11. They said overall whitehall budgets by a third. Not MoD.
  12. Perhaps you should add military as well. Those same civil servants that may be cut include the MGS that currently provide security in barracks, and those that clean blocks and unit lines, plus a whole host of other mundane tasks. Guess where these tasks will migrate back to.

    Just a thought.
  13. Thats 85k of votes lost then!
  14. That wont be troops. It will be outsourced to a third party service provider. I am sure they already have the companies lined up and the ink drying on the contracts.

    Naturally, it wont be quite the same service we get now, not without individual squaddies digging in extra effort and money, but hey presto - got your MOD CS savings for you.
  15. Nice idea but it may come back to bite them in the bum.

    MOD Contractors are often more expensive than MOD CS, get rid of MOD CS jobs and they will have to take on MOD Contractors to do many of them instead.