Cut Backs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by polyglory, May 27, 2003.

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  1. Not another round of cutbacks,

    When is this shower of Pollies ever going to learn.

    El Pesidento volunteering the Forces services everywhere but then considering this?;$sessionid$O2IMOXEL4F0UVQFIQMGCFGGAVCBQUIV0?xml=/news/2003/05/27/narmy27.xml&sSheet=/news/2003/05/27/ixnewstop.html
  2. its stupid, madness. its exactly like the 1930s cut backs before WW2 and look where it got us outgunned ,outmanouvered and underequipped for the job and so lost france to the german.

    history repeats itself , arsewipes
  3. Makes perfect sense.

    Recruitment and retention figures improved at a swipe.

    Money saved on the Defence Budget.

    Morale ?  Commitments ?  Management problems.

    Serious future consequences  ?   Next Government's problem.
  4. **** Heads the lot of them.
  5. I suppose what they might be trying to do is this:

    We cant get recruitment figures up, no matter what we try, so lets just cut 5000 troops from the army strength -
    Problem solved!

    If they concentrated on retention, the numbers wouldnt be a problem - taking a professional army for granted will only increase the problem.

    They dont think, i'm sure they dont!!
  6. that's what we get for allowing the accountants to take command.
  7. You don't even have to go back that far Vespa, 1998/99 was a vintage year for the pencil sharpeners. TA INF gutted , and then Kosovo blew up, and people doing headless chicken impersonations, because they realised they were 5000 bayonets short, If the Serbs had decided  that they loved Milosevic and were willing to spill their blood in the memory of Grigor the Holy or whatever, we would have had a hell of a time. I won't bore you with how close we came to getting mobilised for that one, but there wouldn't have been a month's work up, probably practicising section battle drills on the tarmac at BZN.

    They do it every time, it's called a piece dividend. Except in Blair's case, it's a "taking the peace" dividend. The Armys' already stretched like a bowstring, so who the hell is telling the MOD and Blair that we can depoly wherever and whenever, so he can make "considered judgements" and drop us in the Sh*t willy-nilly

    During Blairs dictatorship benign tenure, we have been involved in GW2 , Sierra Leone, Kosovo and god alone knows what he fancies next.

    It'll keep happening, till we get spanked. Sorry, didn't mean to dramatise, but I think that's what it will take to loosen the purse strings. Blair's told us how grateful and proud he is, yep, saw how you and Mr. Hoon stood shoulder to shoulder with Col. Tim  Tony, it was an inspiration to British soldiers everywhere. Inspiration to PVR that is.

    Anyway, what's the worry, we've got plenty of TA, and they're cheaper to mobilise, no accomodation, or Pensions etc.

    It makes you weep.  :mad:
  8. Again: **** heads the lot of them!
  9. When are the public going to learn?

    Public services crying out for more Cash-Not enough nurses,teachers,police officers,doctors etc etc

    Armed Services all playing tug of war with an ever decreasing pot of money while memebers of the team are taken away to make TB look good in Washington.

    People having extra money taken through Toll roads,extra National insurance, Decreased allowences

    Businesses having to carry out time and money comsuning red tape through H&S bottonless pits,Inland Revenue work,Customs and excise paper exercises,

    We Read it every day in the newspapers,We Hear it every day on the radio, We see it every day as we carry out our Lives, And its getting worse but still we do nothing about it.

    Roll on Election Day-Bring it on Tony
  10. The pathetic, memory-span of a goldfish, British populace will still vote him in...... :mad:
  11. Agreed, the current incumbents are dolts but is there really a viable alternative? Blur worries me but the others frighten me to death. I can't see too many people seeing IDS as the answer to all the woes facing the nation!!
  12. What about the little Ginger haired fellar.  Read in the DT over the weekend that he's a bit of a p**shead, so power to his elbow on that one.  Also he was the only one to be set against going into Iraq, a view that seems to have real credence now that it appears that Tony's dossier of evidence was just full of bullcrap.
  13. Ginger Feller gets my vote. i just wish they'd get aggressive, and demand air time off the media. But Ming Campbell is pro BritFor, in fact that party has been for the longest while. I don't mean "Wave the flag pro" i mean, "Let's give them what they need" i seem to remember Paddy Ashdown was a firm believer in that
  14. The problem is that the Ginger Fella's crew are very pro handing everthing over to Brussels.  I don't see the European Commission giving a flying phuq about the British Armed Forces.