Cut back of armourer class 1 courses

Hi all, I know were going get the usual banter about different trades, however those wise people who make the decisions (way, way above my pay scale) have decided to cut the number of Armourer class 1 courses from 4 to 2 a year :!:
Whist also continuing to churn out anywhere up to 6 basic courses a year :idea:
Going from the guide lines for class 1 dates, its four years from your class 2 date, this for me is to be passed within the next two months, ive been told im reserve for the november course so will propibly be on the one after this which is in march! Leaving me more then 6 months behind my VM pears (whats the situation going to be like in a few years time with the biggest pile up going :?)
How can they say Armourer is a "pinch point" trade with not anothe class ones to support operational needs, and then stop class 2 NCO's progressing in there career :?:

some common sense needed, Rant over.
I'll second that!

OK I have to wait for the 4 years (just tfr'd) but it would be nice to think that in 4 years I can get straight on a cl1, not be eligible for the queue!
could be all sorts of reasons fella, lack of instructors..possibly, maybe cant find replacements due to impending move to St Athens etc.. no one wants to start a job they know they are going to lose in near future.
wait til tiffy course mate when there is one weapons course a year and vm's have six!
vm's basically guaranteed to be on tiffy cousre 2 years after class one, when armourers average 5 years. except women but thats another rant!
Ah Well, at least I don't have to worry about tiffy courses.

Our resident fem armr is just about to go on her tiffy cse, not for me chef, I'm stuffed!
Is she ginger?
Sorry A Mech hi-jacking your thread who is totally baffled as you are. Is it right theyve joined two trades together, armourer and gunfitter and then reduced the number of courses :?

Just like the other trades we should be using the experience of the soldier (crusty old Artisan like me) to train the boys up, not only to the book standards but also op/ex experience. Now weapons are being used more and more by everyone compared to last decade of drag it out of the cobwebs for an APWT there should be more courses not less as the more trained class 1's out there the better. Not being nasty but a class 2 is not useful at all (dont mean not good at trade but cant out inspect etc) when our class one is away its a nightmare for our other lad.

Ps not insulting your trade :D
The only way of becoming what once was know as a gunfitter (sorry lads) is doing the class one armourer course. Where you become armourer heavy and then do an equipment course. The Tiffy course from what I can tell is still one a year and if they are reducing the class one courses, we are basically screwed!!!

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