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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by big-timer, Nov 22, 2007.

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  1. I’m terribly worried about the mental strain on people who start threads off in this forum. It must be very difficult to keep coming up with new and original discussions. In order to ease the burden, I’ve created a format that should suit most topics debated here. Simply tailor the text in the brackets:

    Hello, I’m a (insert your trade here). I’m fed up with all the whining (insert a trade different to your own here) moaning about their (promotion/pay/posting plot/role – delete as applicable) and boasting about their (promotion/pay/posting plot/role – delete as applicable). They want to try living with my trade’s (promotion/pay/posting plot/role – delete as applicable), and anyway, if they were any good then they’d be a (insert your trade here) because the (promotion/pay/posting plot/role – delete as applicable) is so much better.

    In order to ensure that the thread is able to keep going with the minimum of effort, I’ve drafted a reply as well:

    Ha, you’re all losers anyway, (insert a trade not yet mentioned) is God’s Own Trade and you all know it.

    With a couple of these replies quickly added, and some random abuse, a thread will have been got started with almost no thought required, creating a significant saving in time and effort.


    Sitting back and waiting for people to entirely miss the point, sigh…
  2. There must be a lot of lemons around in the Royal Corps for everyone to be so bitter!
  3. I would like to reply and say how outraged I am at your suggestion. Had I been amused I might have spat my coffee over my keyboard. As it is I'm stuck here waiting as the taxi hasn't turned up and I've lost my bloody coat!
  4. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    You miss the point too - Bitching has always been a recognised R Signals trade :wink:

    I have fond memories of class 3 complaining course :D
  5. And as for the Class 1 Whining - 3 months at sunny Catterick (ah, the good old days....)
  6. I like this concept, perhaps a thread along the lines of "[insert name of fat actress/TV presenter/journo] has got some lungs/arse/legs on her. I reckon she would be up for a twosome, threesome, the Price of Wales company some. what do you think?"

    Or possibly that devalues the purity and beauty that is the "Women you shouldn't fancy but do" thread?
  7. 3 months .. you lightweight we had 23 ALL in winter and without overcoats GS.
  8. If you aren't an RTG you might as well fcuk off now.
  9. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Thats a bit harsh, you always needed a few bods to put up masts and top up the genny while engineering in 7 networks on a reverse slope :D
  10. Oh !!! i was wondering who the Royal corps was 8O :p
  11. oh those were the days KFS as antenna in your 320 knocking out the morse with your spoons
  12. There may be only one Master of Signals, but there are many "Masters of Communications".
  13. Showing your age Rattler - KFS withdrawn due to HM Treasury needing the cash for PR consultants. Instead bring your own green string to piss on, and save a bit for the counterpoise.
  14. Hello, I’m a pervert class 1. I’m fed up with all the whining from young women who are moaning about their herpes after ive seen to them and crying about their pay. They want to try living with my trade’s role, and anyway, if they were any good then they’d be a high class hoo'er because the cock is so much better.

    Thank fook i got that off me chest.