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Not sure if this is the right place for this? . It’s money so as good a place as any I suppose. I’m currently enjoying the sun on a Cyprus detachment (Shader) and thinking of spending some of my (not so) hard earned cash on some kit from the US. Looking at sunglasses and the like to the tune of about $230. The question is will I get smashed with customs duty given Cyprus is in the EU? I would go and ask the nice chaps down at the postage office but it’s the weekend and they are shut.

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I ordered stuff from the Classified Ads from Nicosia in 1976. Got summoned to the Customs Shed at Dhekelia to collect. Luckily by the time the summons arrived, we'd rotated to the Box Factory, so we could drop in during our daily patrol.

I'm sure they wanted tax paying, but can't remember now whether I blagged my way around it.

It was a faux leather "sheepskin" lined motorbike jacket in Highway Patrol style. It was sh¡t.


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Back in the day :rolleyes: Our battalion were in Osnatraz on a four year posting. Many, especially SNCOs and Officers as they were the ones who could aford cars, had calculated the date for buying their new car so when we moved back to UK they would not be hit with taxes. All fine and well and going to plan - then we got sent to NI, the first BAOR unit to do so. HMRC in their infinite wisdom duly charged huge amounts of tax on the cars etc on move back to UK as we had been in the UK during the tour which negated the tax laws and timeline. Even though the vehicles were all in BAOR, could not even be used but this meant nothing to the bean counters who dealt in dates only.

There was a huge hue and cry from the people receiving large tax bills for this so the CO had a lot of negotiating with HMRC, who refused to move stance, and MoD who finally, after about two years, made nugatory payments to those affected.
70s, returning from exercise on the Continent units vehicles invariably had cam nets rolled up and secured along the vehicles sides ready for use. I never saw a customs man bother to unravel one to check for contraband, instead they would walk along the length of the stationary convoy packets, never varying their pace, with a crowbar 'tapping' the rolls ... muffled bang, muffled bang, muffled bang, smash, smash, muffled bang, muffled bang, smash, smash, smash, muffled bang, smash.
80s, returning from exercise on the Continent......... muffled bang, muffled bang, muffled bang, smash, smash, muffled bang, muffled bang, smash, smash, smash, muffled bang, smash.
90s.... same story.

I don't know what was more depressing, the waste of good booze or the IQs of would-be smugglers who are allowed to carry arms. :D.


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You can afford it. Just pay the bloody import tax.
Shop around, look at US ebay and US @mazon for the same sun specs. I never pay much more than $100 for R@y B@nz, Persol or Tom Ford when someone in the family needs a pair.

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