Customised avatar / signature block for charidee mate

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Apr 10, 2009.

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  1. for those of you admiring my shiny new signature thingy, please click on the following thread:

    Whiskey_60 is offering a cracking service - he will design any avatar or signature block you want, in return for a donation of at least £5 to Holidays4Heroes.

    in case you've not heard of them, Holidays4Heroes is run by a couple of Arrsers and some very kind property owners. basically, they give free holidays to injured soldiers from telic & herrick and their families, to try and give them a break from rehab and (sometimes horrendous) adjustment to life after injury.

    they also do some other great stuff which you can read about on the website or in the charity forums. i know some people only visit certain forums, so this is a shameless plug for them. if you can spare a couple of quid a month, or just the occasional donation, please check them out. they really are making a difference to the lives of our guys & gals.

    and of course, if you use Whiskey_60's new graphic design charity service, you get a nice bespoke piccy out of it. ;)
  2. Cheers for the free plug :D

    I feel dizzy posting in here...
  3.'s not the elevated atmosphere of intellectual excellence. It's the diminished flow of oxygen to your cortex caused by cheap cider fumes.

    Good, though, innit?
  4. that's just the ether, nothing to be concerned about. keep facing the front and breathe deeply... :twisted:
  6. step away from the vodka bottle and go to bed dale :)
  7. It's wine, make me.
  8. Comment deleted - problem solved.
  9. come on chaps and chappesses, it's for charidee!!! just five of your English Pounds!

    i guess there is a creative block situation going on. so i'll make some suggestions for signature block designs for a few of the regular inhabitants:

    Perevodchik – a leprechaun poring over a dictionary with a red pen in his hand.

    Subbsonic – an icosahedron with devil horns

    Dontdreamit – a man shaped hole in a wall, with a small figure running off into the distance.

    Eye_spy – a pair of coke bottles.

    Rebel_with_a_cause – a picture of James Dean... in sepia tones.

    Over4MeNow – a screenshot from the Cosby show.

    Howayman – a grizzled veteran with a chestful of medals, wrestling a small child.

    g2_loony_bin – an extract from Roger Mellie’s Profanisaurus.

    The_Editor – a nice cup of coffee and a biscuit.

    The_Marsh_Arabist – a mop.

    aaaaaaand finally…

    Adastra – a sky blue vagina.

    sure others can come up with funnier suggestions and expand the list...

    but in the interests of fairness and self-deprecation, i'm thinking of changing mine to a picture of Icarus eating doughnuts and pies. :D

    p.s. i just did a google image search for "Icarus" - nestled in amongst the mythological drawings is a picture of a fat naked bloke "yearning to fly". i would just like to clarify - that ain't me! 8O

  10. Cricarus?

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  11. What rank amateurs !

    First the exisitance of AULS (V) gets compromised, less than a week later you have breached the PERSEC of a key leadership figure from the
    Naked (Stealth) Freefall troop (DDI's own) of 49 PARA :x
  12. What can I say? I'm a one man non-traditional threat, me.
  13. chaps - too much nattering and not enough putting your hands in your skyrocket! :D it's only a fiver and it's for a damn good cause.