Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by RSigsSTAB, Nov 20, 2004.

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  1. The following is a quote from the US Signals Company Commander supporting some of the USMC in Fallujah...

    [ “A good day is a very boring day,” he said. “That means nothing broke and our customers are happy.” ]

    Since when have the military adopted the civvy practice of calling everyone "customers"?!!?
  2. The US have for some time! And it's certainly starting to creep into the Royal Corp's language.

    We do provide a 'service' after all!

  3. Perhaps I should add that I agree with his sentiment.

    As a fellow US Signals Lt quoted to me the other day...

    'All we do is hang around, waiting for sh1t to break.'

    I certainly know that feeling!

  4. Used it today, its easier to get (our own) officers to understand what job we do using the term and focus them on what needs to be done.

    Or in other words getting them to understand the HQ you are supporting is far more important than kissing their CO's ass.
  5. I used the term in a briefing a few weeks back, couldnt believe it came out of my head :?

  6. At least they're not calling them "clients" yet :roll:
  7. RLC (Stores) have been using it for years.
  8. It's something that is slipping into use, and unchecked it'll end up sticking.

    "Users" is one that slipped in and stayed.
  9. In the Int Corps, the term 'cutomer' is used a lot, unfortunately. However, in our case, the customer is NEVER right :D
  10. 'Clients' is often used as a generic name for the eqpt, computer terminals and the like, that our 'customers' break... Heard them both used in the same sentence the other week.
  11. its a good point! when is the last time you phoned BT and thanked them for your phone line??