Customers sends bailiffs to his bank

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Myss, Jan 20, 2007.

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  1. About time these thieving bank-stards (!) got a taste of their own punishment. 'Administrative error' my backside when really it was due to thinking that there was nowt more the customer could do than write moaning letters.

    I would have loved to tapped the call or been in the room when their CE/MD of RBS got the call about what happened. Top man! :thumleft:
  2. Good drills that man :thumleft:

    It's about time that the customer......yes, note to banks. That is the person that you are supposed to serve got even with you :dance:

    Let's see some more of this customer action and maybe banks will think twice about making rash decisions, admin errors....etc

  3. There is a god in the heavens after all!!!

    My building society wants to charge me over £200 when I finish the mortgage just to close out the paperwork , I can use this as a good arguement to tell them I aint paying them. I don't mind a reasonable amount but five minutes paperwork aint going to cost £200
  4. And if you think about it you have already paid them twice the original value of the mortgage.

  5. And you have already paid double the original value of the mortgage.

    Banks just like women, you can't live without them and you can't live with them only women you can divorce.

  6. mine went up not to long ago to 250 and god knows what it will be when its finished
  7. Good on him - Halifax/ RBS are total b*st*rds to try to deal with, and from personal experience, I would urge everybody to NEVER consider banking with them. They are the worst, and it's nice to see them getting some of their own back!
  8. oops, double post!
  9. I just binned the Halifax cos they a bunch of complete tossers then got a letter off them asking why I had and did I still want to invest my gratuity with them !!

    I declined to reply as I think feck off may have offended
  10. Halifax are total barstewards.
    I had no end of problems when dealing with them, and the mrs had pretty much the same.
    Beware though folks, pretty soon the Banks will find a way out of this soon and start hitting back big time IMHO.
    If anyone is thinking of tackling the banks about charges etc, I really would recommend doing your homework first and keeping up to date on the information regarding it. LordvonHarley's link is a good one and his format is generally successful. But even he states that it wont last for ever.

    Yes banks are cnuts, I would rather keep my wages in my sock/pillow but we live in a world where if you dont have a bank, you wont get too far in life. Its meant to be our money ffs.
  11. Poetic. Absolutely poetic.
  12. Why do we need banks to hold our cash and give us tiny intrest? Is there an alternative?
  13. Yes spend it and pay cash that'll teach them
  14. Banks are thinking about bringing in account subscription charges to combat the lost revenue from having to refund unfair charges.

    It's a bit like car insurance, you can't not have it, it's compulsery, so they can charge pretty much what they want.