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right, im not usually one for buying loads of my own gucci kit for the sake of it, but i was thinking of shelling out for some decent webbing seen as ill definately get the use out of it.

now most of the tailored stuff iv seen, both by the camp stitcher and from mates and things, while it may be mod spec, (IRR and all that jazz) they dont seem to be like the issue stuff.

all the fabric on the issue stuff if waterproof lined, and really, you could give it a pretty harsh battering and it would still hold together.

most of this custom stuff seems just to be thinner dpm fabric, a bit thicker then a cut up combat jacket.

now some of the stuff on places like kit monster and stuff looks pretty good.

a few questions for anyone whos got anything similar really.
firstly, is it as rough and tough as the issue stuff? my kit takes a battering, so the last thing i want is to shell out a ton and have my mess tins drop out the bottom running across the oolu.

also, i expect myself to get quite wet and messy quite a lot (sometimes even on ex....). how does things like the velcro ammo pouches hold together. when you get muddy, velcro has a habit of turning to shit, and the last thing i need is to be wet, muddy, cold, and then have to keep my pouches shut with safety pins from my housewife.


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I have the standard issue webbing but with an Web-Tex double utility pouch at the back, this seems to be of pretty good quality and I much prefer the clip instead of the fiddly issue thing. I have also swapped the belt for one with a metal roll on buckle which can be done up much tighter and is stronger than a normal one. Most of the guys in my unit seem to have gone with a similar set up to me.
Our man Cutaway started a thread on Troopers and Jay Jay's Kit here...

I've got the troopers set with 3 utility pouches and 2 double ammo pouches. Works brilliantly and survived Brecon with ease. The built in hip pad is great too.



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I've used a Jay Jays rig off a mate, and whilst it is pretty good quality and is quite comfortable i'm loathe to say that it's worth the beer tokens for a number of reasons.

1. It's fixed, which makes it more comfortable, but if a fixing breaks or you need to change a pouch (ammo for LMG for instance) you're screwed. You also can't go to your QM asking for a replacement if anything properly breaks.

2. It's shiney, gucci kit. That kit often goes walkabout.

3. It's got loads of pouches, which means you carry more shit because you can, rather than what you need.

4. Being honest, I've managed a similar result at much less cost by having a roll-pin belt taped to a cut up issue belt, 1 ammo pouch, 4 waterbottle pouches on the back and another utility on the right, a bayonet frog pinging onto the side of a wb pouch, and a ffd pouch zip tied onto another wb side. All that, and a hippo pad, no dramas for me!
I understand totally about the QM's issue but that's the only down side for me. With your setup you've actually got more pouches and extras going on that I do and the clip fasteners mean the pouches can be closed tighter to eliminate rattle and bouncing.

Each to there own though!


Deleted 20555

Did see an awful lot of very familiar looking South African webbing on Para's in Afghanistan pics - is this usual? (Bit ot but bear with me!)
The south africa battle vest was very popular for a while seen in kosovo
bosnia etc as well as Iraq afgan,Guess its a bit old skool now :D .
Go Jayjays all the way, it is worth the sheckles. Also, the comment on pouch replacement, with Jayjays kit it takes a battering and I know of a bloke who uses the same rig he has had for 10 years.


blobmeister said:
Go Jayjays all the way, it is worth the sheckles. Also, the comment on pouch replacement, with Jayjays kit it takes a battering and I know of a bloke who uses the same rig he has had for 10 years.
got to agree with you. speak to john or simon at jay jays. you can trust in his kit.
Here’s a pic of the stuff I make, it’s made of 1000 denier Courdura the same spec as issue(
However it dont use the heavy olive rubber duck fabric inside.

This reduces the rigidity of all the pouches but I reinforce the lids and bottom of ammo pouches with 2 layers of the Courdura.
I can supply in field replacement clips also so if a clip breaks you can slide on a new one.


blobmeister said:
When you close on your pictures, the quality just isn't in the same league as Brecon, Jayjays (even Dragon and Troopers know they are no competion)
what ever you do DONT use dragon!!

quite a few lads are aving dramas with the bloke that owns it and the sate of his kit!

he doesnt make it nor does he ave a clue!

a sweat shop in manchester puts it together for him! pukka gen.

at least of jj's its made there and then and you can talk to the bloke that does it.

2nd option - HM's.
quality with regards to what ? neatness of stitching ?

I now use 50mm Velcro on my ammo pouches if the double stitched boxes on the pouches are an issue

But I do still use Black heavy duty thread which may be of issue to some

I welcome your feedback
I wouldn't use Dragons (Gary is a nut case) Troopers are OK, they made the patrol yoke pictured. Jayjays has the private contract for the obvious in 'H'. Jayjays all the way for me.
Dodgy-Engr said:
This bloke is pretty good and well priced for his modifications etc
I wouldn't touch anyone who stocks WebTex with a bargepole, except maybe to beat him around the face with it for his stupidity.

The thing I like about blokes like Kitmonster and the like is that they won't stock kit they wouldn't use themselves.

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