Custom knife sheaths

Would anyone know of any places that sell knife sheaths by themselves or will modify or adapt an existing one? I've had a look around but haven't seen anything. Many thanks in advance if you can point me in the right direction.
depending on the knife, leather ones may be fairly available. common bushcraft type knives, such as moras, are fairly easy to aquire leather sheaths for. other knives are less easy to find, as are sheaths made of matiriels other than leather.

if you are after a kydex (close fitting plastic) sheath, then your going to have to import from the us/canada. a company called on scene tactical seem quite good, from what i've read, as do survial sheath systems, but manny others are available

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Buy a cheap solid leather belt down the market that's wide enough to give you about a quarter-inch on each side of the blade. Slice narrow strips off the rest of the belt to make a fillet all around. Glue everything together and take it down to the local cobbler to get it stitched, with optional rivets at the mouth. Job done. It probably won't cost you more than about a fiver.

Thanks guys. I'll try those routes.

Just to illustrate the problem I'm having, my girlfriend purchased a new knife for me for Christmas as I broke my old one on exercise. Unfortunately her experience of knives is limited to what she has seen in Rambo so she went into the shop and ordered the biggest knife she could find. An 8" Bowie knife complete with 4" accessory knife. :roll:

It's ridiculously big but it's some quality steel and I will definitely use the smaller 4" knife so I've decided to keep it, but the sheath for the smaller knife is too loose for my liking and the knife too easily removed which means I'll almost definitely lose it on exercise/ops. If it had a loop like the bigger knife has it wouldn't be a problem, so what I want to do is try and get one fitted somehow.

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FCUK ME!!! I've seen smaller knifes in Braveheart. Who does you're missus think you are, A young British council estate teenager?
FCUK ME!!! I've seen smaller knifes in Braveheart. Who does you're missus think you are, A young British council estate teenager?
I shat myself when she pulled it out, damn near ran out the room thinking she was planning a Bobbit job. I figured it would come in useful if I ran out of tent pegs though...
Cheapest way; ditch the idea and buy a Mora off KM for about a tenner...

Painful way; sharpen one of your fingers to a point with a whetstone and stab things instead of cutting them.

Expensive way; give these people a ring and see what they can do.

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