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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bibo_boy, Jul 19, 2005.

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  1. Any got any good tips on packing equipment for the field?

    I teach recruits and teach them all the little tips I know to make life in the field a little more comfortable...

    Example, cutting sleep mats down, carry racing spoon only, carrying condiments, real tea or coffee, filters for torches, waterproofing bergen, attaching things to cords, loads of clack!!! But keeping weight down!!!

    Note: I say they can only use some of these after they have used the issue kit during training!!!!
  2. I remember my first ever weekend in the field- I had EVERYTHING green that I had been issued-inlcuding my PT kit and sausage bag....but I had been asked to do so- even if it wasnt needed.

    oh- completely forgot to add anything to the question!

    one of the things our CSM ensured that when we were in the field that everyones bergen was packed along familiar lines to that others could get into someone elses bergen and know exactly where to go for what was needed.

    other than that- electricians tape on the webbing- but this is childs play- im sure you know most of this stuff altready...

    P.S- if ratpacks dont fit your fancy- how about those noodles in packets (liike pot noodl;es but square- much nicer!)

  3. Dont let Them buy gucci kit till they pass out too many soldiers think if they only had this gadget everything will be fine (i know i'm guilty of the all the kit no idea syndrome )You can keep yoke attached to one rocket pouch while pouches zipped to bergan.
    sleeping bag in bivi bag then squish down saves time .Make them cook and eat the rations there issused to start with .Foot powder in plastic bag so less mess place foot in plastic bag powder foot in bag repeat . Carry a rag to clean weapon system .
  4. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Cut their matches down by about 5mm and keep them in a 35mm film case with some cotton wool to stop them rattling. keep the striker inside a plastic bag in the case as well/

    Works a treat and can be found by feel.
  5. Keep em coming please.....

    Thanks so far!
  6. Keep things that you need together, together.
    For example, keep your stove, food and mess tins in the same pouch.

    Only let them open one pouch at once and unpack what they need, and then put it away again.

    Re MIB's thought. Don't let them put the striker in the same canister as the matches - obvious reasons. IMHO disposable lighters are better anyway.
  7. Top tip - you can ALWAYS fit another Curly Wurly or Chomp bar in your beltkit! Much better than mars bars or whatever since they can just take up useless volume around mess tins etc. in utility pouches.

    Pack the messtins in a utility pouch in such a way that they form a closed box - fill this box with food and/or stove. I tended to keep the stove (if I ever used it) in the little pouch on the back of the bergan (I had a gas cooker in an extra pouch on my webbing - actually a 58patt waterbottle pouch which was great till it got wet & shrank, making it really tough to get the canister out!). This makes it easier when you pull your messtins out, particularly in the dark, and to avoid flinging food etc. all over the place if it catches on the pouch.

    A small camping pillow in a stuff sack is fantastic - weighs almost nothing but makes such a difference to your sleep. I expected to get stick for that one, but the guys said "Oh, good idea!" :D
  8. They are taking the proverbial, Stoatster.

    Kip on your webbing.

    6" nails for a cooker is an utterly pants idea as the issue hexi cooker fits hexi blocks and the barstad nails retain the heat giving you a burn when you grab them.

    So I hear.
  9. Resist the temptation to cut down your roll mat - I fell for that one and ended up trying to sleep on a concrete floor in the FIBUA village in Sennybridge - couldn't sleep and all the heat drained out of me.

    - Bic lighter is a must.

    - Advise them against putting stuff in ammo pouches other than ammo! Nothing more embarrassing than posting a bottle of pop into a bunker.

    - Experimenting is important as long as you retain the results - get them to write down what was in their pockets and pouches at THE END of the exercise - because this is clearly where they found it most useful to store it and will save them time when trying to pack for next ex/op.
  10. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    NBC Glove cuffs fitted over Pro Boot tops, forming an almost waterproof seal on to the top of the boot / leg when needed, rolled back on to the top of the boot when not. One of the best tops tips ever given to me (before a Cambrian Patrol) and very stylishly done by the instructor. He gave a whole lesson on something, then as the end threw in "I guess you're wondering why I've got black rubber on the top of my boots", cue unroll and gucci top-tip demo.

    It works well enough that you can cross a smallish knee depth river with only slight seepage on to the top of your socks. Outstanding.
  11. Good point Barbs.

    Also get them to write down anything that they carried that they didn't use and anything that they wished they had and make changes accordingly.

    Cut the charcoal liner out of an old NBC suit and you have an instant, and free, zoot suit.
  12. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    While, I'm on, the other great, very simple tip from a para mate, obvious-ish but not often done and makes a big difference to comfort in s hit conditions.

    Firstly NEVER carry anything in combat jacket pockets, possibly except the obligatory spoon on buttonhole. Everything in webbing pouches / daysacks. Actually no problem (on exercise where your webbing is not loaded with ammo) even for Comds with a bit of thought.

    When it rains, smock straight off and goretex straight on. Surprising how much more comfortable goretex is as a jacket on its own over a t-shirt. Smock is kept dry, which it never is under goretex, often just through sweat. Then no looking like a tit as you struggle under your goretex or root through your daysack trying to get stuff out of your smock pockets and so on.

    Same holds for NBC exercises. Throwing an NBC jacket on is no problem if you've nothing in your jacket pockets.

    Needs a bit of discipline but well worth it.
  13. Blimey - sounds good GCO - will give it a try!
  14. OK, GCO's post has raised an interesting point:

    Due to some excellent (*ahem*) design at RO, the gas regulator on the L85 can't be adjusted without the combitool (unlike the SLR, which could be adjusted with an empty case, piece of wood, finger if not too hot etc). Where the hell do you put that thing? We were told that we had to have it in our top right pocket of our smocks (although I wouldn't have been able to get it from there in a hurry).

    What does everyone do with theirs?
  15. Attach your compass by para cord to either yourself or the compass pouch.