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Im not sure wether this is in the right place, but hey, here goes.

My Unit wants some T-Shrits printing showing out newly designed logo. There are only about 10-12 of us in the unit. Does anyone know of any companies and/or use any such companies to produce Unit clothing . There are alot of compnaies on the Net but they all cost about 15 Squid for one item!!

Any useful info is greatfully received!!


Free design set up from your logo, free embroidery, no minimum order and you can have a mix of t-shirts, polo shirts, rugby shirts.

Embroided T-shirts work out at about £6 or £7 with postage, and they are good quality.
We have used lizard workwear on several occasions, no set up charge, no embroidery charge, no minimum order and the prices work out at approx £4.75 + VAT for T shirt or about £7.00 for Polo.

Would easily reccomend them to you as I have done to many others, the quality of the garments they use is very good too, they supply rather large quantities to the South Wales Police and I know for a fact that they carry work for several other companies who say that they can embroider your stuff then charge you their own fees on top of what u could pay yourself from Lizard.
A few of you have mentioned AlbieFox, In a distant Past (1989 ish)when I was one of the Boyz in Blue and before I changed my clothing scheme to green/brown I knew Albie as a Flt Lt as we were both members of the RAF Pistol Club and he had a small embroidery business on the side .

However I have just checked out his website and to be totaly honest i'm afraid his prices are rather expensive for what you get.

£17:00 for a Polo Shirt......... is a bit steep in my book and if you want your own design theres a set up fee of at least £20 I think i'll stick with Lizard.

I know for sure that Lizard Workwear will do the following.

Remember bthat you will have to pay the VAT on the prices but they still work out far cheaper.

I took some work there the other day for a friend who wanted a Polo doing for a Rugby team, so he could sell them to raise funds the whole thing including VAT came to £6.95 and that was a Thick Blue Polo with his own design set up, embroidery and he was more than happy with it whilst the one he obtained from another source was not half as good for £12:00 and a £10 set up fee...

I have sen their work on several occasions and they have done a lot of Theatre Tour Shirts, they did the Shirts/polos and fleeces for the Army Nordic Ski in 2005, I have also purchased various orders from them you can find their details in Soldier Mag too.

Some of their other stuff ie boots and torches etc are a little expensive tho

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