Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by HATTERBOY, May 1, 2007.

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  1. HI everyone,
    this post is the same as one fron another forum just seeing if anyone here knows anything.

    Posted to germany from uk........Yeah!!!!

    The story is as follows........ EX Wife left in 2002, had kids since then, all postings in uk near to ex nightmare, Re married in 2004, still remained in uk, got a posting order in Feb 2007 GERMANY GET SOME, managed to get ex whore to agree to signing form which lets me take kids to germany (she signed the form when she collected the kids) ...................

    Posted in 3 weeks.....................Yeah!!!!

    Just recieved a letter from the solicitors saying that my ex money grabber did not sign the form (LIAR) and that it is going for custody of the kids and that i need to submit the kids passports to the solicitors in order to prevent me taking them!!!!!!!

    all my admin is done i.e. Removals, ferry, quarter etc.....

    got no witnesses who saw it sign the authorisation......
    already got a solicitor who is on the case.......

    looks like i could be forced to germany on my own while the better half is stuck here with the kids untill this mess is sorted...

    anyone got any good ideas??????????????
    anyone been thru a custody battle like this before?????
  2. Take her on. Get your solicitor to suggest to hers that should she continue this line of action you'll be involving the police, attempting to get her on conspiracy to pervert the course of justice?

    Never been in this position myself my advice is probably meaningless.
  3. Never actually had experience of anything like this before, but plenty experience of lying scumbag solicitors and what I will advise you is DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT give ANYTHING, ie passports to her solicitors. They are just trying it on they have no powers to demand ANY documents be surrendered to them. If it is going to a custody battle it would be the courts and only the courts who would/could order surrender of travel documents.
    If it was me and I had'nt heard from any Family Court re a hearing over custody then I would just continue and travel out to Germany with the kids. If you do go at this point what have you done? Nothing, you havent breached any court order etc as the Courts are the only body that can tell you what to do. I would say nothing to the ex and wait for Court papers, then if none arrive, travel and she can deal with it whilst you are in Germany...Good luck..
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  5. Thanks for the support guys :thumleft:
  6. Mate I have'nt seen my ex in several years (which is nice) she has my daughter and i have our son. Its not fair on the kids but when he goes to see her its an admin nightmare when he returns, so sadly I've had to cut my nose off to spite my face. However since I last saw the ex I've been to Germany,NI and back to Germany without asking permission as like has already been said im not breaking any rules as the courts have not said I cant leave the country, so mate, no court order take em with you and let the lawyers sort it out amongst themselves.
  7. Contact PDFQ & be vary wary of ANY solicitor (inc yours!)
  8. just to let everyone know, i went to court and have been allowed to keep the kids and move to germany. stupid ex wife did not even turn up to court, and she does not want to see the kids untill xmas. :D