Posted to germany from uk........Yeah!!!! :w00t:

The story is as follows........ EX Wife left in 2002, had kids since then, all postings in uk near to ex nightmare, Re married in 2004, still remained in uk, got a posting order in Feb 2007 GERMANY :1: GET SOME, managed to get ex whore to agree to signing form which lets me take kids to germany (she signed the form when she collected the kids) :D ...................

Posted in 3 weeks.....................Yeah!!!! :w00t:

Just recieved a letter from the solicitors saying that my ex money grabber did not sign the form (LIAR) and that it is going for custody of the kids and that i need to submit the kids passports to the solicitors in order to prevent me taking them!!!!!!! :crying:

all my admin is done i.e. Removals, ferry, quarter etc.....

got no witnesses who saw it sign the authorisation......
already got a solicitor who is on the case.......

looks like i could be forced to germany on my own while the better half is stuck here with the kids untill this mess is sorted...

anyone got any good ideas?????????????? :idea:
anyone been thru a custody battle like this before?????


I delivered it to the solicitors myself, however she is saying that it is not her signature............

when she signed, it was the first time i saw her new signature as she got remarried 3 months ago.......

to another squaddie.....

and had another brat.......


just renewed the passports and got the old ones back but with the corner cut off, suppose i could send them!!!!!!!!!!

even after that i`m still in a hole though!!! :(
Try the RHQ forum or Finance, they might have some definative answer or at least real pointers for you.

Good luck.


She is using the kids as a pawn to get at you. She probably does not care about the consequences emotionally to the children as long as she feels she is taking revenge upon you in one way shape or form.

One way round it could be to apply to formally adopt the children between you and your new partner. This would mean your ex will lose al parental and legal rights to the children. This can be a long and tortuous path. The fact that you retained custody of the children tells me that your ex abandoned you and the children. If this is so you would stand a chance of success in adopting as even the most feministy of social workers feel revulsion at mothers abandoning their young. I also have first hand knowledge about the situation you face as my sister was up against the same thing. PM if you want some help


cheers for the support everyone,
Gundog i will pm you as soon as i can m8 gotta go away for a couple of days, back at the weekend!!!!!

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