Curse of Captain Crumpet strikes again

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by msr, Jul 9, 2004.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Sandhurst this time:

    TWO Army instructors are set to be axed after romping with two female cadets in the same hotel bedroom.

    But Captain Small, of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, says he and Cadet Slagle were "too drunk" to remember anything.,,2-2004312145,00.html

  2. Last night a senior officer said: "The anger and fury of senior officers over this matter knows no bounds."

    Anger & fury? What crap, they know it goes on all the time, they are just peeved cos their guys got caught doing it. 8O
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Or, judging by the graphic at the bottom of the Sun's page, they were grassed up for £500.

  4. They problem is that they should rename them bottlefield tours given the amount of boozing you end up doing and once resistance is lowered this kind of thing happens. The level of hormones bouncing around in RMAS have to be seen to be believed. 8O Its happens to civvies at work all the time but in this case he was supposed to be setting the example.

    Still an unacceptable breach of trust in his position..........should be more professional! :x

    There was a woman known as PRI Annie who worked in the shop and if you asked for fablon in the right way you got taken round the back to the special storeroom. She videod one encounter and that did the rounds of quite a few regts. :oops:

    You should have seen the level of anger and fury at that one! :wink:
  5. Oh well fcuk me, didn't take long for you to fcuking come back did it.

    Why do you insist on posting (incorrect) comments regarding my personal life Doris/BB/Susie/fcukface slag??

    Do you not have a life of your own? You still hanging around outside a camp somewhere trying to bag your forces bloke?

    Good luck, you'll need it - freak
  6. Doris, just because youve been used and abused by various squaddies in your long life doesnt mean that youre an expert on the British Army and its values and standards. :roll:
    I digress,

    shocking behaviour: blocked promotion, slowed career progression and wrecked marriages are the doors open to these guys now then!! oh will you reap what you sow and all that, hope the chicks were worth it. :wink:
  7. Oz, do NOT get into a conflab with Doris - she is a fcukin nutcase!

    Perhpas the Armys drinking shuld be looked into??? Fcuk me Doris - if soldiers didn't drink so much you wouldn't get a fcuk of em, so count yourself lucky
  8. This'll be the Sun supporting the military, then....

    ...and more deliberately provocative posts from Doris, designed to disrupt the thread and detract from the 'serious' nature of the Current Affairs forum. Best ignored.
  9. Doris is probably PRI Annie.............she was a ugly bootfaced,foul mouthed, spotty minger as talk a lot of ill informed, holier than thou sanctimonius shite.

    Get therapy.
  10. Well The Sun is there to make money, not support anyone really.

    The Army are just fecked off cos the fellas got caught with pants down, bringing the Army into disrepute.....Prince William however, can't fcuking WAIT to get to Sandhurst!! :wink:
  11. As MB says the Sun is a tasteless rag purely out for profit - but contrast this story with their campaign for a VC for one soldier. The irritating thing is that this isn't really news; these things happen all the time in civvy street and in the military.
  12. No, but sex sells......civvy, military or otherwise.
  13. fair one!

    Although I think Wills be needing to borrow the Academy RSM's pace stick to beat off female suitors anyway................. :wink: even though he's guar!
  14. It seems to me that all four of these individuals were grown-ups, mature enough to know the difference between right and wrong, who broke the rules, got caught and will now have to face the consequences. But that's it. There is a huge moral difference between a thirty-something officer having a shag with a twenty-something officer cadet, and, for example, a thirty-something teacher knocking off a teenaged schoolgirl which is the parallel that the Sun and dimwit Doris are trying to draw. These people were stupid, but I can't say that I'm shocked, disgusted or outraged: put men and women together and, more often than not, you get sexual relationships forming. That's real life.
  15. msr

    msr LE

    Surely 'Bottlefilled'