Curse of BBC strikes again

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Apr 22, 2007.

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  1. What is it with the British Biased Corporation? Again, they drop something significant for no seeming reason.
    Cannot see it as a dull programme. Far more potential than Mark of Cain
  2. worked closely with the families, I notice it didnt say anything about worked closely with the army.
  3. Nothing surprises me about the BBC. Politically motivated and driven. I imagine the scenario that a political master says words to the effect:

    "...... write something to embarrass the army to take the heat off us....".

    I really do believe this happens - call me naive, call me daft or worse, but nothing is beyond the bounds of possibility when considering the foul deeds of this ghastly government.
  4. Not only are they dropping that, they have also shelved plans for a docu-film about Johnson Beharry VC. If ever there was documentary to be made, this is the one. At least it would show that Great Britain has pride in it's Armed Forces. They cancelled it as being too 'celebratory'. WTF! If Channel Four can make and broadcast a docu-fiction which denegrates the forces (and has probably led to more people joining the home-grown Al-Qaeda), why the hell can't we celebrate one man's bravery, despite suffering terrible injuries.

    F**K this country and it's ethos - ME, ME, ME. It is going to hell in a hand cart. I intend to step off that cart and wave it off as if descends into the sh1t.