Can anyone recommend a recipe for Currywurst sauce. I noticed my local Tesco now stocks Bratwurst etc so I would quite like to serve some up to the kids on bonfire night.

My memory also fades was the powder they sprinkled on it, curry powder or paprika

All sensible suggestions welcome.

I have tried to reproduce it using Tescos bratties, and some from an interesting bloke, no names, no pack drill, and no sell by dates. The results were pasable, but not the same. As the man said;

'You had to be there'.

I can make bloody good shish and kofte kebabs, but they don't taste the same as the ones from our local kebab shop, which are damn good, but different.

Good luck.

500 g Tomate(n), passierte. (skinned pulped tomatoes)
2 EL Honig (2 tablespoons of honey)
3 EL Essig (3 tablespoons of vinegar)
1 ½ EL, gest. Gemüsebrühe, instant ( 1 1/2 level tablespoons of vegetable stock powder)
1 EL, gest. Worcestersauce (you should be able to work out what EL stands for by now, "gest" means level but it's difficult to heap spoons of WS)
1 EL Curry
1 TL, gestr. Paprikapulver, rosenscharf (teaspoon hot paprika powder)
2 Spritzer Tabasco (2 drops use more Germans are shit at spicing stuff)


Alle Zutaten gemeinsam in einen geeigneten Kochtopf geben und bei kleiner Hitze köcheln lassen. . (Mix everything in a pan and bring slowly to the boil)
Strictly speaking I should start another thread but... does anyone else's Waitrose still do teewurst? My local one seems no longer to stock it.
It's a recipe, you thick ****. You don't have to read past the first post.

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And I chose to start a new thread as others who are still in Germany may have more ideas to contibute. ARRSE isn't just for those who retired over 20 years ago and cadets who are still to serve
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