currywurst in faringdon

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by exnorthener, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. not sure if other people have found this spot!

    but while out with clients last night in farringdon, i found this place!! and had to nip in!

    have a look

    i just made the last tube
  2. Fcuk, how longs that been off my radar? Must have driven past it 100's of times! Are they real or wannabe wursts?
    Can't go yet jaw still broken, but when it heals mmmmmmmm :wink:
  3. these are 100% genuine!
    check it out, you can just at the out side tables and perv!
    and the beer!!!!!!!!!!!! hhhhhhhhhmmmm beer

  4. I've known about it for ages, all you had to do was ask 8O
  5. Have you tried wandering at 1 AM, pissed and asking for currywurst, pommes und mayo mitnehmen in your best drunken squadanese yet?
  6. Bugger, you had me all excited for a moment! The difference between one "r" and two... :-(
  7. There's one across the strasse from the Smithfield Meat Market too!

    Edited to add:

    Arsche! Just looked at the map! It's bloody Farringdon - across the strasse from the Market!

    Yep, scoped it out on my way to a breakfast at the pub opposite (another good way to start off a Friday morning in London...). It looks pretty good and thanks for the reminder, I may have to call in soon!
  8. Ok , Jaws nearly ok now, went to the Bratty shop today :D mmmmmmmm
    Gonna be an even fatter b&sterd now! They are just like the real thing - because they ARE the real thing! Large Bratty, hot sourkraut, diced tata's mit zemf and a bit of german bread.... £6 !!
    Just need to go there when i'm not working - a beer with it would have made my lunchtime :wink:
  9. Shameless bump for the people that may not have seen this, coz i'm a regular now :hungry:
    Was there today, mmmmmmmm
  10. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    i think one can make a fortune with a shop like this in the uk ;)
  11. Damnit, I'm now salivating at the thought of a bratty mit pommes.

    They could do with opening a branch near army camps. They'd do a roaring trade, I'm sure.
  12. Call yourself a mate, you barsteward :evil: I was around the corner from there last Friday too
  13. Definate opening here for franchise, get the bratty-van going. make a fortune.

  14. If you'd asked I would of told you, honest guv'nor. :D