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Discussion in 'Cookery' started by History_Man, Mar 20, 2012.

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  1. Fellow ARRSERs, for those of us who are partial to currywurst, frites mit curry saus etc., salvation is at hand; far be it from me to normally promote bloody Tesco's but I have discovered, this very afternoon, Heinz Tomato Ketchup blended with Indian Spices available at this, ehem, emporium of quality and value. At the not-too extravagent cost of £1.49 per 342g bottle, it tastes just like your favourite curry ketchup from Deutschland. Mealtimes at H_M Towers have been instantly enlivened - I know, I need to get out more ;-)
  2. Today in Villiers St I noticed a little take-away offering Currywurst and chips to go. I may well avail myself tomorrow. Wait out for my report.
  3. Good man! There used to be a fanstastic schnelly just out outside Cologne HBf - not there last time I went, but there is a more than acceptable substitute on platform 10. Very handy before heading back to the airport - means more money for beer (kolsch) tokens once airside by not paying airport prices for currywurst and frites.

  4. Hermann Ze Germans ^^
  5. I've seen that too, not tried it though.
  6. Mmmmmm.... curry-wurst. The canteen of the company I consult for in Cologne does some great currywurst and fries on Fridays. It's been about 6 months since I first tried the curry-wurst and am loving it so far.

    The best one I ever had (or perceived to have had) was at a corner stand near my hotel in Graz, Austria at about 2am on my way back from a drunken evening. Tasted like heaven. And this was after eating a bloody huge meal earlier in the evening.

    Might try this Heinz, just to see if it tastes similar.


  7. Quite good, my only complaint is that they chop the bratty then mix the sauce in :-?
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  8. I've been using Heinz tomato ketchup with a few teaspoons of mild curry powder mixed into it whilst warming it up, for the past few years and it's pretty damned good :thumright:
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  9. Looks like lunch tomorrow sorted then.
  10. I can wholeheartedly recommend it mucker. It's a pity that there's not a decent schnelly in Minsk for when I come staggering out of Overtime at 0200 hrs; mind you, the Germans are still not overly popular in those parts. A decent British pub, though, would go down a storm in those parts.
  11. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Been there countless times, frickin' love it. Fries are good, wursts are good, sauces are good. Wurst mit pommes for 4.95 and the place gets busier by the day. You can always tell the mil types as they go in there (me included of course) and smash out the german to the boxheeds behind the counter!

    Alternatively, German Deli have a stall in Covent Garden every Thurs/Fri which are equally as good but no fries alas but they do sell the original sauces...

  12. the only way i know it , when i get it in town in krautland
  13. Any idea who stocks that, my Tesco search came up with this, which
    could be quite good and only 99p

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  14. I'm a regular there too as it's superb. MrsPlume horrified by me drinking coffee cola with the scran, but as they have no booze licence yet it's what I fancy.

    German Deli also have a stall in Borough Market & a shop just up the road. Did a big old BBQ with all sorts of stuff from the place last summer - cost a fortune but worth every penny/pfennig!
  15. Thanks for that bit of info, I go there quite often but haven't yet found it.