Curry Rat Packs

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Dodgy-Engr, May 9, 2005.

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  1. Has anyone actually come across one of these fictional items?
  2. If you mean the gorgeous ones with the separate packet of balti rice, that looks as though it came from marks and sparks, then yep. got a week of them.

    Best rat pack ever.
  3. Try 30 Sigs, they got loads of them for the Gurkas :lol:
  4. I recently yoinked a rat pack from a pile somewhere because I was feeling like a fat bastard on exercise - to my dismay found it was a veggie one..however:-

    Veggie tikka masala - my god, the best rat pack meal I have ever had!!! and the cheeser biscuit thingies are awesome as well!!

    Dunno about the rest of the curry ones

    Bring back the old chocolate in the white wrappers, none of this yorkie shite!
  5. I must be the luckiest cadet ever because i got a Chicken Balti and Rice as my main meal, no screech- lucozade instead. All whilst at an annual camp at Warcop. Yum! :p :p
  6. The Yorkies are the same as the old one!!! Well it certainly isn't yorkie at any rate.

    Had a week of the new curry ones when on ex last summer. Excellent, tasted damn good. Had the septics with us wanting to trade in their MREs.
    The veggie one is damn good as well... know what you mean about the cheese things...addictive.
  7. Yep, had them and there grrrrrreat!
  8. I can confirm that they are as good as they sound, but are also harder to come across than almost anything i have ever wanted....

    On ex last year, I ordered 3 days veggie, 3 days normal, 3 days halal and 3 days jedi rat packs for my section, so we could sample what was in them.....we ended up with 11 days of menu 'A', and one veggie rat pack each......

    Curries are absolutely belting.....nice to see traditional english 'after pub' food making its way into the packs....

  9. The are the best rat packs I have ever had the only bad part was the Yorkie can't stand them prefere the old Duncan's to tell you the truth.
  10. What ever happened to the different types of the Duncan bars?

    Rice Krispies, Aero and I'm sure I had a minty one once?

    But that may have just been where it had left for so long and turned white?
  11. A little off thread I know but I believe the Americans refused to take our 24hr ORP in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Allegedly it's because the Yorkie bars say "not for girls" and were therefore sexist. However having seen some of the victims they could have done with missing a few meals :twisted:
  12. Does that mean that eventually we'll get boil in the bag kebab, and cheesy chips? Or as I have newly discovered, NACHOS! :D
  13. Should have been relabelled "Not for Septics who would rather starve than eat donated out of the goodness of our hearts food because it's not PC"

    They might need to make the choccy bars bigger to fit it on though (the septics would like that though, wouldn't they)
  14. 307

    307 War Hero

    If you believe the not for girls rumour then you must believe that the pope is an alien. They refused to take them allegedly because of BSE in british beef. Even though British beef has been cleared for a few years now.
  15. Or they couldn't cope with 4 weeks worth of Menu A :lol: